Dixa announces plans for US expansion to fix ailing customer service market

One of the major brands in the EMEA customer experience market is Nordic innovators Dixa. Since launching globally in 2018, they have grown to more than 170 employees and opened up offices in locations such as London, Berlin and New York. Recent plans announced by Dixa look to build on this success and further strengthen its US presence. The company’s overall aim is to fix a broken customer support market in the US with its innovative approach.

Dixa set to transform customer service in the USA

Customer service is a major software category globally but still mainly operates via an inefficient model. This sees individual silos compartmentalise interactions with consumers into distinct channels. Currently, it is thought that 80% of businesses employ multiple solutions when giving their customers an omnichannel experience. This hinders any opportunity to engage with customers in a meaningful way. As a result, both customer confidence and staff experience are impacted negatively.

How does the Dixa platform work?

The Nordic customer experience giant plans to use its cutting-edge platform to help the US customer service market. But how will it do such a thing? The Dixa platform enables customer-facing businesses to engage with consumers via multiple channels. This is all done from one screen which brings messaging, chat, social media and voice apps together.

Intelligent routing in the platform is operated via powerful computer algorithms and accurate data. This means that queries from consumers get to the right agent quickly – along with any real-time information or insights they need. With a First Contact Resolution rate of 75% and a fully scalable model, it may be an attractive proposition to many US businesses.

US expansion part of overall growth strategy

Further expansion into the US CX market is not the only news this Nordic innovator has recently announced. They have, for example, appointed Thomas Hansen to the Board of Directors. Hansen is a respected name in the sector and comes armed with masses of growth experience in Enterprise Software.

In addition, Dixa has also recruited more high calibre staff to lead its US operations. Scott Sinatra has come on board as Chief Revenue Officer and will bring with him his invaluable experience of scaling up the employee engagement platform Giant. Fraser Aitken has also been recruited as VP of Sales, with Audrey Sullivan and Shannon Franzen having operational responsibility for Western and Central US regions.

Dixa CEO looking forward to new challenges

Overall, this new team brings an impressive track record of helping tech start-ups to scale on a global basis and break into new markets. Commenting on the US expansion, Dixa CEO Mads Fosselius noted that their platform should help satisfy an appetite among US companies to move away from a siloed CX model and use a single platform approach instead.