Ecommerce Trends to Watch in 2021

Ecommerce Trends to Watch in 2021

Ecommerce is bigger than ever. During 2020, over $861 billion was spent online. That figure is up over 44% from the year before. Ecommerce spending is expected to continue to grow in 2021. However, it is important to stay on top of the latest trends when it comes to the world of online shopping. Here are the top 10 eCommerce trends for 2021.

1). Voice search will become more important

More and more people are using search when it comes to their shopping. In fact, it is estimated that 75% of households will have smart speakers by the year 2025. Therefore, eCommerce stores will need to make sure that their stores are optimized for voice search. Right now, Amazon Alexa is the dominant player when it comes to eCommerce voice search. However, that doesn’t mean that other stores can’t cut into Amazon’s business in the future. 

2). AI will help eCommerce brands learn about shoppers

AI or Artificial Intelligence is playing a bigger role when it comes to creating a personalized shopping experience. AI simply takes the behavior of the store visitor and creates a customized shopping experience by putting the right offers in front of the right shoppers. The result is that the store can experience more conversions and an enhanced return on investment (ROI) on their advertising.

3). Big data will help create personalized shopping experiences

Another way that eCommerce is able to learn about their shoppers is by utilizing big data. With big data, a store can see all the demographic, income and social information about a consumer and make better decisions about what offers to make and which customers to target. While big data is effective, there are privacy concerns about this type of eCommerce research. Therefore, an eCommerce business does not want to become overly dependent on big data for shopper research. 

4). There will be more ways to pay

Just about all eCommerce operators know that making the shopping experience as seamless as possible is important to conversions. That’s why there are more and more payment options available for eCommerce operations. That includes allowing shoppers to pay with various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In addition to credit cards, eCommerce stores should make sure that they have a full range of payment options including Apple Pay and Paypal.

5). Chatbots will play a bigger role in conversions

One of the biggest innovations in eCommerce over the past five years have been chatbots. With chatbots, a computer program is able to answer questions from shoppers, make shopping recommendations and even offer discounts. In 2021, chatbots will continue to play a bigger role when it comes to shopper engagement before, during and after a sale. Not only that chatbot AI is getting to a point that their conversations will seem as natural as dealing with a real live human being. 

6). Subscriptions will be an important part in store growth

Most eCommerce pros know that recurring payments is the key to a growing online business. One only needs to look at the success of subscription based eCommerce companies like Dollar Shave Club to understand the value of subscription based eCommerce. For 2021, more and more companies will offer subscription based products and services. One of the best ways to start a subscription service is to offer a discount on products that are most often re-ordered in an eCommerce store. Also, testing out subscription offers on different products is critical.

7). B2B eCommerce is growing

Perhaps one of the fastest growing segments of the eCommerce world is the B2B area. B2B or business to business eCommerce not only allows the opportunity for larger transactions but it also gives eCommerce stores the ability to foster a relationship with major customers. Ecommerce stores that can offer products to other businesses should focus their attention on B2B opportunities. In order to master B2B, eCommerce stores need to make sure that they have the inventory to handle major orders. Also, B2B customers expect superior customer service throughout the purchasing process.

8). Video will continue to boost conversions

For years, video has been considered one of the most effective ways to turn shoppers into customers. For 2021, video will continue to play an important role whether that video is displayed on Facebook ads or on sales pages. Video is an excellent idea when the product being sold needs to be demonstrated. Also, video can provide an excellent way to keep shoppers on an ad or a sales page for a longer period of time.

9). Mobile shopping continues to play an important role

More and more people are shopping with their mobile device. Therefore, it is important that an eCommerce store is optimized for mobile users. Ecommerce operations should consistently test their stores on mobile devices for ease of use, site speed and visual appeal. Also, eCommerce store owners should be sure to target mobile users on their Facebook, Google and Bing ad campaigns.

10). Sustainability will be more important to shoppers

There is a growing number of shoppers who would prefer to shop with companies that are environmentally friendly. That includes providing products that come from sustainable sources. Ecommerce operators should consider using sustainability messaging in their ads and their sales pages. Also, eCommercer companies should consider creating brands or stores with a sole focus on sustainability products. This is a growing niche that still has lots of room for new brands and online stores.

Staying on top of the latest eCommerce trends

The world of eCommerce continues to grow. For 2021, it is important for eCommerce owners to stay on top of the latest trends. Consider each of the trends listed above and see how you can integrate them into your business. You may be surprised at the potential growth your brand may experience.