Upgrading to Magento 2.3

Hereabouts, we’ll show you in what way to improve the e-commerce site to Magento 2.3, the common advanced variant of our popular e-commerce program. In  attachment, you can obtain answers to  numerous general process-related difficulties. If you require to know all the tardiest advantages that Magento has to contribute, please turn your platform version instantly and use magento 2 migration services. Such pattern will lead you how to accomplish every purpose.

Magento 2.3 specifications

Initial point we want to express your application to is the policy terms for Magento 2.3. You should regularly notice to them ere refreshing to the most current version, as your contemporary investment may be out of date as the update offers various difficulties and tells the whole online store. Surely, you don’t demand to feel each of such dilemmas, so examine the Magento 2.3.x technology mass demands to approach possible difficulties in future.

Concept specifications

What number of gigabytes are on your operation? The least RAM expected to update to Magento 2.3 is 2 GB. If you have more limited – form a swap data to bypass update mess.

Terms for a composer

If you lack to add to the Magento 2.3 codebase or extend Magento extensions for the most advanced variant of the program, you will need to connect the most innovative steady version of Composer.

Web server demands

Exist different opportunities you can employ in updating Magento 2.3. Initially, this is Apache 2.2 or 2.4. Remark that you need Apache mod_rewrite to allow the server to make URL rewriting, and mod_version to enable flexible version controlling for various httpd variants.

Database specifications

As far as the database proper for Magento 2.3 is involved, it is MySQL 5.6 or 5.7. At the same time, you may demand some benefits, because the most difficult version of the program is fit with MySQL NDB Cluster, MariaDB, Percona, as well as another double agreeable MySQL technologies.

PHP Specifications

You can obtain PHP demands for upgrading to Magento 2.3. 2 variants are suggested: 7.1.3+ plus 7.2.x. You require to establish some increases. 

You cannot neglect to allow PHP OPcache for special purposes. You need the most suitable place it independently, see the PHP OPcache documentation for more data.

Additionally, perceive that the standard Magento documentation suggests specific PHP form benefits similar memory_limit to circumvent typical difficulties in utilizing Magento. 

SSL Necessities

To improve your e-commerce store to Magento 2.3, a valid HTTPS safety certification is needed. Please remark that self-signed SSL documents are not advised.

TLS specifications

It should additionally be remarked that both PayPal and repo.magento.com need TLS 1.1 or later. For more data, attend  links: TLS specification for repo.magento.com and TLS 1.2 specification for PayPal.

Mail server demands

To upgrade to Magento 2.3, you need a Mail Forwarding Agent (MTA) or SMTP Server.

Developing to Magento 2.3 on https://elogic.co/services/magento-support/

To upgrade Magento to 2.3 from the center position, your software must be placed by downloading the meta-package employing composer create-project or by placing a compressed archive. 

See that both need the usage of Composer and the CLI. Nevertheless, the text can automate multiple levels of the update. And do not overlook concerning the requirements.

And eIf you’ve cloned the Magento 2 GitHub locker, go straight here. The article shows how to migrate to Magento 2.3 in your specific situation.


Make the next requirements:

  1. Gain the upgrade and upgrade checklist to circumvent likely mistakes in the process;
  2. Place the origin of the pub directory: imagine a subdomain or docroot which practices power list as root, and drives way update service practicing this subdomain if you have previously established Magento root directory to / pub;
  3. Verify agreement: be concerned about all background frames are harmonious with the system specifications named before;
  4. Turn to support method: it can limit entrance to your store when it is being renewed.