How fast can I sell my house?

If you want to sell your house, you’ve probably asked yourself all sorts of questions, trying to narrow down what your house value could be and where you want to move to when you achieve your sale. A common question that homeowners ask is just how quickly they can sell a house – so We Buy Any House are giving some answers.

How quickly can I sell a house?

There are a couple of different options that you can use to sell your house, and they each have various timeframes. The most common selling methods are –

  1. Selling property on the open market:
    This is the most traditional option but is also the slowest. Sales this way can take over 6 months, which is just too slow for a lot of homeowners that are looking for a shorter timeframe.
  1. Selling through an auction:

Selling via an auction is a faster way to sell, but it comes with more risks than selling on the open market. Your sale price is out of your control, in the hands of your bidders. While this can be a helpful option for those looking to sell quickly and are not relying on the proceeds, it can often be an intimidating way to sell for most homeowners that want more control.

  1. Selling with a quick sale company:

One of the more popular paths for selling homeowners, this method combines the benefits of the above to offer a more reliable but fast sale.

Do I have to sell my house fast?

Some homeowners want to sell quickly, usually depending on their personal situation. Whether it be because they’ve experienced a break in the chain and want to save it, or they are at risk of a repossession order, there are several ways that you can sell your house faster.

Can I sell faster if I go on the open market?

Some homeowners want to have a traditional sale but want to get things moving quickly. We know how stressful this is, so we’ve put together some helpful suggestions that can help you achieve your sale faster –

  1. Redecorating:

This is one of the best ways that you can gain more attention when you sell, and it is a great idea to try and sell faster. There are lots of ways that you can decorate on any budget, so whether you’re planning to completely renovate the house or just update with a fresh coat of paint and a new colour, redecorating can help to build more interest in your house and therefore increase the chance of attracting a buyer!

  1. Reassess your asking price:
    One of the most common problems that potential buyers highlight when they’re looking to buy is the properties asking price. If your house has been sat on the market for a few months and hasn’t generated any interest, you might need to rethink the asking price. You can do research to find out if your house is in the right price bracket by looking at other homes in the surrounding area that are similar to yours. If your price is much higher than theirs, you’ll likely have found why you’re struggling to get any interest. Changing this can encourage some potential buyers to come and view your house; however, you need to know that once you lower your asking price, you can’t put it back up again.
  1. Check out your online listing:

It’s key to really sell your house in your online listing when it first gets seen by potential buyers. Before now, buyers would be able to go and see as many houses as they wanted, but buyers are being more careful with what they’re viewing to avoid any unnecessary contact with other people. Because of this, it’s important for online listings to be the best they can be to ensure viewers will pick your home. If you’re not happy with your online listing for any reason, you can speak to your estate agent and look at making some changes.

By implementing these changes, you should see an increase in interest from potential buyers and be able to sell your house much quicker than before!