Landthere is providing a new approach to remote working

Landthere are delighted to announce the launch of its new approach to remote working, allowing professionals to experience cultural exchange, whilst still progressing in their current role. With comprehensive packages taking care of accommodation, workspace and more, Landthere provides a unique opportunity to reimagine an efficient approach to work, for both employees and employers.

An ever-shifting working dynamic has forever altered how professionals look at work, with a desire to find the perfect work-life balance being high on the agenda. The pandemic forced a change to remote working, which has become a semi-permanent solution for many businesses. For those who harness remote working’s potential to incorporate travel seamlessly, they can find that not only does efficiency, employee happiness and retention all increase, but that they also have a unique proposition in hiring the best new talent.

Research and statistics are being released daily on the positive effect that remote working can have if implemented correctly. Flex Jobs reports that “65% report wanting to be full-time remote employees post-pandemic, and 31% want a hybrid remote work environment” whilst major businesses such as Amazon, Dell, Twitter and GE have all adopted remote-friendly work environments. This reinforces a PwC finding that “In a survey of 669 CEOs, 78% agree that collaboration is here to stay.

One of the Landthere founders is Bastian Weinberger. With over 16 years experience in the cultural exchange sector and having been CEO of one of the fastest growing businesses within the industry, he has highlighted the potential for all parties:

‘For our clients, it is a hassle-free process enabling them to fully focus on their cultural immersion experience at an exciting new destination, whilst allowing them to forge ahead with their personal and professional growth. It also presents great benefits to the destination cities; bringing new visitors, and creating long term relationships with those visitors, increasing the likelihood of them returning in both a personal and professional capacity. Companies offering our programme will be giving the gift of travel to their employees; boosting their access to the best talent, increasing staff happiness and retention, and offering a positive work/life balance.’ (Bastian Weinberger)

The entire team at Landthere are all passionate about the positive effect that cultural exchange and remote working can have on an individual, business and the wider community. The multi-national team, located globally yet headquartered in Liverpool, represent the new-age outlook to remote working and have decades of combined experience within the cultural exchange industry.

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