From bareness to beauty: 8 creative ideas to fill your empty corner at home

An empty corner can be irritating. Leaving it blank makes your room boring, whereas filling the space may risk cluttering up your house. If you are unhappy with an empty corner, you come to the right place! Here’s how to fill and style up that corner. Whether you value functionality or purely seek beauty, this article can accommodate you with 8 ideas to transform your bare spots into an inviting space.

Display your art

The easiest way to make your corner look interesting but not too cluttered is by adding a touch of art. Start by hanging a few paintings, retro posters, or handmade creative collages on your wall. You can step up your game by arranging your art pieces in a specific layout.

Nest your comfy spot

If you fancy snuggling up in a blanket while enjoying a cup of tea, it’s time to turn your corner into a cozy nook. Put a chair and a side table in the corner, set up your light, and grab a soft pillow or blanket. Now you have a cozy cocoon to relax. Canopies are also recommended to add some more privacy.

Light up your corner

Corners usually need extra lighting because they tend to be shadowy. It is recommended to light up your corner with floor lamps (or table lamps) instead of ceiling lighting. The former gives off a cozy vibe, as well as creates a balance between light and darkness in your house. You can light up pendant lights or salt lamps for a soft glow. They bring out a sense of drama. Fairy lights are also a trendy option for your corner.

Show off your favorite items

This is the best way to personalize your living space. Everything you need is a wall-mount storage unit. Find a simple, elegant shelf and decorate it with your favorite pieces. This decorative shelf is so famous in Scandinavian households. You can display porcelain sets, antique pieces, a part of your miniature collection, or just some of your personal items.

Green your corner

If a corner is too small for any furniture, a greenery is your solution. A plant is more than an item to fill your corner but also brings tons of other benefits. It helps calm your mind, boost creativity, and clean the air. Before bringing your greenery home, make sure to check if it is suitable to grow indoor. Planters are also a part of home decor, so get a pretty one and let it brighten up your house. 

Store your things

If you are a practical person, you can turn your empty corner into a storage unit. Get a small and elegant corner desk. There you can keep a few books and magazines. If a corner desk still feels bulky for you, try a stylish corner shelf. An eye-catching hanging pole can fit into your corner while being functional. You can also apply your carpentry skills to build a unique storage system.  A simpler choice is a corner cabinet, which can amplify your storage in the same way.

Turn your corner into a home office

Believe it or not, a corner can become your workplace. If you have plenty of space, you can add a transitional corner. It can serve as your worktop, as well as a coffee table on your day off. A mini office desk and floor-to-ceiling storage above is a solution to a tricky corner, like the one between a column and a wall. Another popular option for your home office corner is a floating table.

Create a space for your kids

If you have children, you can turn an empty corner into a playhouse. Instead of a toy box, store the toy on a wall-mount open shelf with rounded corners. It is safe for kids and allows easy access. You can also add delightful details to your corner using washi tape and lovely decals. A corner is also a nice place to display your kid’s drawings. This is a way to fire up their imagination.

Tricky it may seem; an empty corner is a chance to style up your house and make your home life better. Adding some light, art pieces, nesting a comfy spot at your corner are a way for you to live your aesthetic. If you want to add more functions, transforming your corner into a workplace or extra storage is a good idea. A corner can also be used to create a fun space for kids to learn and play. 

And if this isn’t enough for you, then remember that adding in some flowers is always a good idea – regardless of the actual design. To get you started, check out these easy tips on how to arrange pots for great results!