Consumer is a “sideshow” in government rollout highlighted in Queen’s speech

Consumer is a “sideshow” in government rollout highlighted in Queen’s speech
An internet technology champion has slammed the Government following the Queen highlighting the provision of gigabit capable broadband nationwide, predicting many people will be left behind.

The Government promised to deliver ultrafast broadband to 10 million homes and offices by 2022 and a further 15 million by 2033 but Nathan Hill-Haimes said many will be left out in the cold.

The co-founder of Compare Fibre said: “While we welcome her Majesty highlighting this hugely important issue the Government rollout is an absolute joke.

“There are too many companies targeting the same areas and fighting for the same pound while leaving others alone.

“This overbuilding gives some towns amazing choice, but surely this is at the expense of others especially in rural locations.

“We won’t reach 25 million by allowing internet service providers to only go to places where they are all competing for the same customers.”

Mr Hill-Haimes is now calling on the Government to re-evaluate its plan in order to prevent overbuilding and restricting bids for Openreach’s physical infrastructure access [PIA].

“The government should have set limitations on how many providers can work in same areas as this leads to a real possibility of more deprived and rural areas being left behind.

“Some areas are given too much choice while others are left with none at all. The consumer has really become a sideshow in this whole sorry charade.