Top textiles to enhance your space – what should I choose?

Selecting the right fabrics and textiles in your home can bring your aesthetic from drab to fab in a few, simple steps. In addition, choosing the suitable textiles ensures you have comfortable, cozy, and warm linens and bathroom products to enhance the warmth of your space.

When you’re at home, you want to feel comfortable and serene – and choosing the right textiles can accomplish this. Haven’t you ever been to a hotel where the bed was uncomfortable, the fabrics were hard, and you couldn’t seem to get comfortable the entire day and night?

This is what we want to avoid when shopping for your home products and decor. Let’s see how you can find and select the best textiles to enhance the warmth and coziness of your interior space.

How to find the best designer towels for your bathroom

With an endless variety of towels on online platforms and in-person department stores, you may be wondering how to find the best ones, whether you like plush and cozy towels or firm and water-wicking options. Let’s see the best tips and tricks to choosing designer towels to enhance your space.

Analyze the fiber content of the towels

Do you want a towel that is harder and can wipe away the water, or do you want a plush option that seemingly absorbs the shower water? 100% cotton towels are the softest and most absorbent when analyzing designer towels.

If you want top-notch and high-quality ingredients, you may be drawn to buzz words like ‘Egyptian’ cotton – however, this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re better, as these materials don’t have an impactful effect on the softness or durability of the designer towel.

Keywords to look for

When browsing designer towels for your home, keep an eye out for certain keywords that are used in marketing products that can clue you into what the towel is like:

  • Combed cotton – the cotton is softer and more durable than other cotton types
  • Ring-spun cotton – the cotton is strong and smooth, providing a soft feel on your skin
  • Twist – a high twist cotton increases the surface area to increase towel absorbency
  • Hydrocotton – manufacturing processes that increase the softness of the designer towels

Inspect the towel

One of the most important aspects of buying towels is to visually check the towel. Instead of just feeling how the material is in your hands, use your eyes to see if the edges are neatly folded, the stitching is durable, and the material appears high-quality.


When buying designer towels, keep a few tips in mind when browsing in stores or reaching online. Try and look for designer towels that have high fiber content, contain high levels of visual craftsmanship, and contain certain keywords that can work for your certain needs.

Towels are an important part of your daily life, helping you dry off and stay warm after taking a shower to relax after a long day. Treat yourself to designer towels to add a bit of luxury in your life. Choosing the best designer towels that are long-lasting and use high-quality materials ensures your home textiles are going to last years.