What are Bitcoin Affiliate Programs?

Bitcoin Affiliate programs are the sites which are linked with cryptocurrencies. Mostly cryptocurrencies pay their customers in Bitcoin and Fiat if you refer them paying customers. This is another marketing method in which user gives paying customers to the cryptocurrency and in return they pay in Bitcoins. This process of marketing and trading is known as Affiliate Marketing. This concept is running for a long time.

In the growing age of decentralization, affiliate marketing is emerged as a favored strategy for business. It is not only favorable for business employee but also for its affiliates. Affiliate marketing is a unique way of advertising model in which third-party participant is involved. The third-party participants work in order to promote the site and generate the traffic on the site. For this favor, affiliates earn handsome amount through commission fee, from fruitful promotional efforts. The main efficacy of affiliated program is to increase conversion rate, enhance website traffic and influence new customers.

How Bitcoin Affiliate Programs Work?

Bitcoin affiliated programs are also known as referral or partner programs. These affiliate programs are the best way to generate extra income from website which you run. It increases the traffic of visitors on your site. They provide services and remain active if you send them paying customers. Working of the affiliate programs is as;

  • Sign up on the affiliate program service
  • It will allot you a referral and unique URL of the site
  • You’ll post the URL on your linked websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and whatever it is
  • People click on the referral URL from your site and reach the service’s site and make purchases.
  • You’ll get commission profit for that purchase which is done through profile.

Getting internet traffic is the key part of the business to earn a decent amount of money. It means that more traffic on your site, will refer more people to the affiliated site and in return you will earn handsome amount of profit.

Most Profitable Bitcoin Affiliated Programs

  1. LocalBitcoins Affiliate Program: It is a popular market place where users directly trade with each other in Bitcoins to earn direct cash. It gives 20% commission per sale to the user who is trading. User is allowed to earn commission for 3 months from the registration date. LocalBitcoins payout frequency is almost on daily basis. User’s payment accumulated in LocalBitcoins account will be sent automatically to his Bitcoin address.
  2. Coinbase Affiliate Program: This site directly trades Bitcoins. It heads on to buy and sell Bitcoins. They provide processing service to merchant members. It gives 50% of commission per sale and commission can be earned for 3 months. It also pays on daily basis. Payments which are accumulated in your affiliated dashboard will automatically be sent to your Bitcoin address. It is a tested program means it is properly legal and proved.
  3. Coinmama Affiliate Program: It is an affiliate program which allows its users to but Bitcoins directly with credit card. It includes 15% of commission fee including all future purchases. This site allows users to earn commission forever without any limits. The payout frequency of Coinmama is on monthly basis. But they will not send your payment directly Bitcoin address because of restrictions.

What is Algo Affiliates?

Algo Affiliates fulfills the requirement of most currencies like Bitcoins and that’s why its is one of the world’s most leading affiliate network. It is a perfect fit in fintech industry because it combines talent with experience and leads towards technological environment. It also specializes in crypto as well as forex affiliate schemes. It optimizes each advertising component to reach maximum efficacy. It also describes how their integral tech put them frontwards of competitors. It is a program that not only care for publishers but look forward to their affiliates as well. Algo Affiliates promotes advertisers, help in goal of optimal conversions. It gives 24/7 customers which is a peace of mind for all user.


Affiliate marketing is increasing day-by-day for businesses of worldwide. In 2020, estimated $60.81 Billion set to be spent on affiliate marketing programs in the U.S alone. It is necessary to select right platform for your business. So, Head over to Algo Affiliates and set yourself for business.

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