7 Email Marketing Tips to Re-engage Customers

Let’s face it: The clientele you have built with hard work might laze down with time. However, that’s a NO-GO for any good business which sure aims to sustain itself, and so you have to re-engage. For this purpose, you may deploy email marketing. But, there is no sense in retaining a big email catalogue if half of your subscribers are not connecting. Email catalogues drop by about 25% a year.

However, you can’t just let an old customer sleep. Research shows it’s much easier to sell to an older customer than to a fresh lead.

No doubt that there are tons of reasons for this. It’s about the amount or regularity of emails or maybe your subscribers; they don’t relish the content. Many subscribers merely sign up to receive a contract or offer. And accordingly, some subscribers considered performing business with you and therefore get on to an adversary. There can be various factors in the role.

But it doesn’t matter what the reason is; it reimburses to make an endeavour to receive lapsed subscribers’ interest again. Subsequently, it’s simpler to pitch your other services to an occurring client. Also, boosting your retention ratio by only 5% can increase deals by up to 25%.

In this article, we will provide you with some tips to re-engage your lapsed and inactive subscribers. At the end of this article, you’ll understand how to get them enthusiastic about being attached to you, so they ultimately become your clients.

Existing clients are already prepared to acquire from your group or brand, so don’t allow them to slide through the crashes. Utilise email marketing tips to re-engage and bring your clients back. 

  1. Discover the trouble

If you find that your customer isn’t responsive enough, why not just ask them! Send an email to gather feedback. You might even find out what’s not working about your product or strategy overall, and that’s a constructive place to start. Many companies use email automation experts to drive their polls and surveys to find out the speed breakers in their customer experience roadmap.

  1. Offer them a great deal

At the moment, you are wondering how you can connect with your clients; we suggest you consider offering them a great deal. The survey analysis indicates:

  • Vouchers are one of the nicest strategies to maintain your client’s enthusiasm, as 61% utilise them.
  • Around 97% of clients glance for great sales or deals.
  • Voucher users pay 6% higher than other customers.

So, a voucher, deal, coupon, or deduction is an incredible way to obtain those clients connected and paying again.

  1. Get personal

Clients love to receive emails related to them and particularly for them, and they are in for a pleasant surprise if you memorise your clients’ birthdays or anniversary. However, personalisation doesn’t have to stop at just one date. Offer them items based on what they like. How about giving them incentives for referrals? To do this beneficially, all you need to do is attain your client’s information through your sign up form.

Re-engage your lapsed clients or subscribers with fascinating and related emails.  Email automation services provided by experts can assist you in restoring your inactive clients, so they begin clicking, opening, and reading your emails likewise.

  1. Fresh Content

One reason subscribers forfeit their concern is that they do not like and appreciate the email’s contents. So, we recommend that you start with discovering what topics they’re curious about. For instance, you can utilise a brief survey. Ask them what they are looking for are. You would be surprised how many people would openly recommend what you make content on. Don’t believe us! Check out the various YouTube channels where people actively demand a certain format.

  1. Enable Opt-downs

For customers who may get overwhelmed into wanting to block just because they’re receiving way too many emails, there’s another choice: the opt-down service enclosed within your email. This allows subscribers to select how frequently they would like to receive an email.

  1. Point out what’s fresh

You can use emails to push new blogs, newsletters, e-invites, and schemes too. Clients often do not check on your website to see what’s new. So, you would need to inform them. If your company has launched a new product, use the email marketing game to connect with your old customers.

  1. Promote Benefits

It’s always a good idea to remind your client why they subscribed in the first place. They may be profiting from you in ways only they know, so just ask why did they reach out, to begin with. Maybe a certain product wasn’t available when they did, so if it’s back, send them a mail informing them.  


Occurring clients who have already selected to do deals or employment with your brand or company in the past are very profitable. Don’t let them jump out to the wayside—endeavour on re-engagement agendas to maintain your prior clients and keep them coming back. 

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