“Next generation” auto-yield coin attracts 100,000th investor just weeks after launch

Auto-yield DeFi coin Zeppelin.dao has attracted 100,000 investors since its launch in April.


Available on Binance Smart Chain, Zeppelin.dao (ZEP) claims to be the “next generation of auto-yield token”, enabling investors to earn income simply by holding it.


Every time a ZEP coin is bought, sold or transferred, a 10% ‘Quartermaster Fee’ is applied, with 5% automatically distributed among the coin-holders and the other 5% locked in a liquidity pool via a partnership with Unicrypt, ensuring the future growth of the coin.


Although auto-yield as a concept is not new, ZEP’s difference is that it has a genuine use-case.


That will come in the form of a launchpad created by an initial DEX offering (IDO), a decentralized and permissionless crowdfunding platform, with ZEP holders able to exclusively participate in the private sales of upcoming projects and coins.


Nathan Hill, Zeppelin.dao’s Marketing Manager, said: “Zeppelin.dao is founded on the vision that crypto can empower anyone to reach new heights of financial freedom.


“We’re thrilled that in only a matter of weeks, 100,000 people have seen the potential and invested in ZEP.


“If traditional finance has left you dead in the water, get aboard and be a part of our journey.”


For more information about Zeppelin.dao and to read the white paper, visit: https://zeppelindao.com/

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