They called her Elizabeth

The jewel in the crown

She outshone rubies and diamonds 

In her coronation gown

Enriching the common wealth

She glittered on the world stage

A wife, a mother, our monarch and queen

The royal gem of our age

(Michael Charles Ashby, Sidmouth)

In remembrance of Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II  1926-2022

(About: Google ‘funeral poem for a musician’, ‘funeral poem for a golfer’ or ‘funeral poem for a cook’ for example, and you will quickly find these modern, celebration of life poems: ‘Funeralissimo’, ‘The Golf Course In The Sky’ and ‘More Thyme! More Thyme! More Thyme!’. Michael’s words from Sidmouth, Devon offer comfort and remembrance across the globe through his website and Funeral Poems book.)

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