How To Boost Your Small Business Marketing For The Final Quarter

Can you believe we’re entering the final quarter of 2022? As small businesses are still trying to recover from the aftermath of the pandemic and skyrocketing inflation, many hope to end the year with a bang. B2C organizations benefit from the holidays, as consumers will be spending money to purchase gifts for their loved ones. B2B entities can capitalize on companies trying to make last-minute purchases to prepare for the upcoming tax season. 

Assuming that you’ll excel without effort is a significant mistake. Although this is one of the most popular times of year for spending, small businesses must prioritize their marketing efforts if they want to succeed. Below are a few suggestions for boosting your marketing strategies for the final quarter of 2022. 

Start Early

Don’t wait until a few days before Black Friday to execute your holiday marketing campaign, or your content will get lost in the sauce. Consumers will have access to content from thousands of brands through various mediums. Many people also start shopping early to save money and reduce holiday stress. Therefore, you should begin posting content and creating landing pages sooner rather than later to avoid missing opportunities. 

Offer Something Different

You and your competitors are vying for the same audience. They will use various promotional offers and marketing tactics to acquire new customers. The idea of winning (beyond having quality products and services) is offering something different. For example, most companies have holiday sales and small discounts for customers. Separate your brand by offering something free. You could offer $10 gift cards for every $50 purchase. 

This is a wise strategy because it encourages your customers to spend at least $50 and ensures that they (or whomever they give the gift card to) will return for business in the future. 

Use Traditional Methods

Most companies focus so much on digital marketing that they overlook the value of traditional marketing, especially during the holidays. While there is no doubt value in sending out promotional content through email or social media, don’t dismiss the opportunity to reach your audience through traditional methods like direct mail. Sending a postcard, coupon sheet, gift card, or sales circular through the mail can overshadow the loads of content they’ve received online. 

Don’t Overdo Sales Pitches

Although your goal is to increase your sales for the final quarter, you don’t want to push too hard. If you’re shelling out a ton of promotional content, you will lose your audience and sales potential. Mix things up by publishing content that educates, entertains, and engages your audience. Fun facts, polls, surveys, contests, funny videos, and how-to content is very popular and can often do more to increase conversions than promotional materials. 

Give Back

Times are challenging for everyone. The final quarter is also known as the season of giving. So, why not vamp up your marketing efforts by finding ways to give back? You could donate goods and services to customers in need, give toys or books to a local school, sponsor a charity event, or donate to a good cause. As you advertise your efforts to help others, it will attract your audience and enhance sales potential. 

Hire The Pros

If there were ever a time to increase your marketing budget, now would be the time. Digital marketing companies offer various services to help small businesses boost their advertising efforts. They will evaluate your needs and goals, research and understand your target audience, and develop a campaign to help you achieve maximum potential over the next few months. A digital marketing agency will also free up your time so you can focus on other operational processes to prepare for the holiday season. 

We’re in the final stretch. As small business owners look to finish in the green, the need to increase marketing and sales strategies becomes prevalent. Now is the time to begin vamping up your marketing strategy to stand out from the competition, increase conversions, and reach your earnings goals. 

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