Web users worry about privacy but do little to protect their data, new report finds

Concern over the use of personal data gleaned from Internet use is growing, a new report has revealed.

Fears of identity theft, becoming a victim of cybercrime and being tracked online is reported by three in four Internet users.

The study carried out by strategic insight consultants The Mix in work for browser Monzilla looked at the lack of awareness on how data is used as part of a bluntly worded campaign to encourage alternative ways to access the Internet.

Gemma Mitchell, Managing Director, at The Mix explained: “Overall, our findings for Mozilla painted a picture of the internet now feeling a bit like the wild west, with no one company out there doing a good job helping users feel safe.

“Internet search has become so dominated by several leading brands that the concept of choice now seems illusory. Our research showed a disconnect between the concerns people have and the behaviour we observed.

“Often users are not aware there are alternative products or have a general apathy around switching, as we have seen in the instant messaging space,” she added.

From a sample of 1150 people, 77% said they were worried about identity theft, 78% about cybercrime, and 73% about being tracked online.

Mozilla whose tagline since its founding in 2002 has been “internet for people, not profit,” used the research of part of the campaign “UnFck the Internet “to promote its free and open-source web browser Firefox and gave tips on how to avoid algorithms that track use.

Mozilla wants to encourage Internet users to make an active decision about their choice of internet browser and to challenge the status quo of pre-installed browsers.

Robin Karahash, Senior Marketing Director, Europe at Mozilla, said of the research: “At Mozilla, we strive to build a better, healthier and more private internet that respects user needs. First-hand research is critical to connect to users and understand their actual pain points. The research done by The Mix provided us with valuable insight and allows us to both support consumers and tell our story better.”

The Mix is helping Mozilla on other projects as they look to build on the awareness the campaign has created and the engagement and renewed focus the project has delivered across the wider business.

Gemma Mitchell (Managing Director) is available for interview.

Robin Karakash (Mozilla Senior Marketing Director, Europe) is available for interview

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