Why Do We Avoid Checkups?

It is a startling fact that almost 80% of adults avoid going to the doctor, according to the medical scheduling company, ZocDoc. Why is this, and why should we go and get those checkups? 

We Are “Healthy” 

It is a very simple thing, but if we don’t have a toothache, do we actually need to go to the dentist? But the reality is, unless you are a dental specialist, you don’t know what’s going on beneath the surface. We don’t want to live the life of a hypochondriac, thinking that we are always unwell, or there is something lurking underneath. But the reality is that when people think they’re healthy, they naturally start avoiding going for any form of checkup. The reality is that, for most of us, a checkup once a year, whether in a dental office or at the doctor’s, won’t just give us a clean bill of health, but will give us peace of mind.

We Are Too Busy

This is something that everybody needs to address in the modern world. When people do not feel very well, many people try to work through it. While many people have changed their attitude in light of the pandemic, the reality is that if we have a niggling problem, and it is during work hours, we feel more of an allegiance to our boss that we do our health. This is, understandably, the wrong attitude. And it is hardly a surprise that if people want to book an appointment with their GP, they have to get in early and run the risk of either being late for work because they don’t get an appointment. Or if they manage to get an appointment with the doctor, they get an earful from their line manager by saying they’re not able to come at short notice. While many employers are understanding, not everyone is. A notable example is in the temp or zero-hours industries. There have been many stories of people who feel they have to go to work, or not get paid, or even worse, get fired, in spite of ailing health.

We Are Scared 

This is the most common culprit because certain social groups think that they do not need to go to the doctor, or just have to power through. But, while many people may believe they are too healthy to go to the doctor, there are people who make excuses and say they’re too busy, or the reality is that they just don’t want to face up to what might be the problem. Unfortunately, we see it all of the time in middle-aged men; that they think they are fine, and a diagnosis of prostate cancer could have been detected earlier which could have saved their life. 

While we may avoid checkups, the reality is that if you want to improve your health, you should be proactive, and realise that preventative care will save you so much time, effort, not to mention your health, in the long run.

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