The Top 8 Sites For Enhancing Your TikTok Game In 2021

How do you know you can fully trust a website? That it will not scam you or steal your information while you’re busy enjoying the services? 

The online world is full of scams; the market saturation has resulted in difficulty to analyze whether a website is a fraud or not. In such a dire scenario, it’s only natural to assume that a particular website is not a fraud. But that’s only an assumption, not surety. 

But worry not, we have done the experimenting on our parts and have been scammed so that we could provide our readers with quality content. Of the tons of websites that we tested out, each individually, here are the best eight ones we would recommend to anyone right away.


Of all the 8 websites on our recommendations list, this one right here is the most authentic one we came across. 

Unlike many of the websites, the customer support team is simply flawless. You feel like you’re talking to another human being rather than someone trained to use a robotic tone in the chats and emails. They’re super helpful in giving valuable tips for organic growth and are also very helpful in suggesting which services to buy and what proportion for best results. 



  • Nothing so significant 


Our following favorite website that we would recommend checking out is All the other websites after this one fall in one place, and you can check them out in any order. But these first 2 websites, you must give it a try. 

Besides authenticity and very friendly customer support, these guys are pretty cool on the discounts as well. You get a 10% discount when your ordered followers exceed 1800 and a 20% discount when exceeding 3700. The same principle applies to other services (likes, comments, views, etc.) as well. 


  • Authenticity approved 
  • Friendly customer support 
  • Innovative discount deals


  • A little pricey without the discount on a lesser number of followers

3 Tryviews

The best thing about this website is that you can create a custom offer, and it is something we have rarely come across other websites. 

You fill a form where you tell all your requirements, the services that you need from the website, along with your budget. These guys respond to you within 2-3 days, detailing you all the things within their reach and whether they can or cannot offer you the services. 

In our case, they did offer all the services we required, and that too in quite a reasonable budget. Great personalisation if you ask us.


  • Full personalisation 
  • Custom offers 
  • Extraordinary professionalism 


  • Some services not available from time to time 

4 Feedpixel

We are a big fan of the bundle packages this website offers. 

In bundle packages, you get a nice combo of services (likes + followers + views), all in a single purchase. 

This takes the convenience of this website out of charts. It saves a lot of time along with quite a lot of money. 

Besides, they also have a couple of free services that you can always try out.


  • Free services available 
  • Bundle packages 
  • Highly convenient 


  • Individual services, without bundle packages, a little pricey 

5 Celebian

If you are looking for high-quality followers who are also active and real, this website is designed solely for you. 

The website specialises in providing high-quality followers and followers that show an extraordinarily high retention rate. Not only that, but the followers are also quite active and will actively engage with whatever content you post. 

Also, the payment system of the website is quite a safe and secure one. Not that other websites have insecure payment systems; this website is simply on the extra-safe side. 


  • High quality 
  • Good retention rate 
  • Secure payment options 


  • A little too pricey 

6 Tiktokfollowersfree

On the hunt for free services? You just found yourself one of the only websites that will give you free likes and followers without any attempt to scam you or steal your data.

We’re surprised a website like this even exists, but at the same time, we’re glad that it does. Almost any other website that offers you free services wholly has an impure motive behind its claims. But not these guys. 

We’ve tested them on various levels and different trials, and now they’ve gained our trust. All you have to do is make sure your profile is public, then provide your username, give a human verification test, and boom; you’re on the queue to getting free likes and followers 


  • Free followers and likes 
  • Authentic 
  • Real followers 


  • Queuing can take a little too long sometimes 

7 Tikfuel

The best thing about this website, aside from their high-quality followers and that too with a good retention rate, is the fact that they’ve taken the 24/7 live support way too seriously. 

You can get your queries answered within a few minutes of sending them a message, either on online chat support or on the other media of communication for reaching them. 

Plus, the response is very personalized and answers the questions in full detail. Unlike some websites that simply copy/paste answers, the team takes time to write a fully personalized, friendly solution that is also helpful.


  • Fully personalised customer support 
  • 24/7 availability 
  • High-quality followers 


  • Too pricey without discounts 

8 Mysocialfollowing

And lastly, we have the infamous

You can tell by the looks of the website that the experience is going to be classy nonetheless. 

We are big fans of their combo packages. You can select the number of views, shares, comments, and likes for a particular video, and the services will be delivered to you on a gradual basis within 2-3 days. Making both you and the algorithm happy. 


  • Combo packages 
  • High security 
  • Outstanding quality 


  • Combo packages for a single video only.
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