What is Ravencoin?

Ravencoin is a specifically designed “open-source fork” of Bitcoin. Ravencoin mainly focuses on the ability to transfer the ownership of assets into blockchains. The primary basis of blockchain technology is to monitor who owns what.

Ravencoin and blockchain work hand in hand to ease transferring the assets to another owner without any hassle. The Ravencoin software dictates that the main concern is establishing a series of codes that may prove helpful when specific circumstances arise and outsourced to other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin.

Ravencoin mechanism also involves grants of 5,000 RVN, and the highest supply of Ravencoin cryptocurrency is 21 billion RVN.

Proof of Work:

Ravencoin involves the “proof of work” mechanism identical to Bitcoin. The difference that comes with the Ravencoin blockchain is that there is no requirement to mine through special equipment, and instead, any person can begin to mine at home with the help of a computer.

The proof of work mechanism allows the Ravencoin software to mine with ASICs. It is an efficient mining method done through pools, even when Ravencoin can be mined individually.

The community ultimately led the Ravencoin blockchain system since it was never pre-mined by the reinforces, and the supply was entirely controlled by the community.

The running software of Ravencoin is KAPOW, monitoring the happenings of the network and keeping track of transactions.

Ravencoin Tokens:

For the formation of one’s asset, the person has to destroy multiple Ravencoins to attain the ability to name their token. In addition, the owners have the ability to make vital decisions for the tokens, such as the mining limit and so on.

Moreover, the token supplier has the potential to administer Ravencoin rewards to the owners, tracing a path to issue shares in coordination and spread knowledge in communities further on.

Ravencoin Signaling:

The tokens issued by owners allow them to message all token holders for various reasons. For example, they usually send messages to people in other to procure their votes in any proposals.

Although Ravencoins are famous for their transferable quality, the token holders cannot envoy their vote to other network developers. However, they can choose to sell their dividends when they wish to.


There are numerous benefits to the new cryptocurrency software, the primary advantage being the transfer of assets. Although Ravencoin was an innovation of Bitcoin, it differs quite a lot from Bitcoin. The features and the software are different.

Ravencoin is said to be capable of reaching for the sky in success. Its features are efficient and provide ease to the owners. Not many other networking currencies allow what Ravencoin generously permits.

And so, if you’re looking to invest and join a cryptocurrency network, then Ravencoin is your best bet. It provides ease of access and is comfortable to use. In addition, the block rewards and the cutting down of block times are well worth it.

Ravencoin is the new future and it’s in your best interest that we advise you to get on board and join us.