Wondering Whether It’s Time To Revamp Your Online Training Content? Here Are The Signs To Look Out For

One of the most revolutionary tools to have emerged in the business industry for employee training is an LMS. By streamlining the entire process of delivery and management of eLearning courses, it makes it effortless to train employees regardless of where they are working from.

The LMS has proven to be a boon in the pandemic as it has ensured employees keep learning even in the midst of a global crisis. And since the stay-at-home orders ensure employees have more time than ever on their hands, there has never been a better time to train employees.

Creating an effective training program takes a lot of effort and investment. This makes it crucial to buy a training tool that aligns with your training goals and fits your budget. For instance, if you look at the Adobe Captivate pricing model, it starts at $29.99 per month. 

So for a training program to be effective and produce good ROI on that price, the training content has to be relevant. As the times change and trends evolve, so should your training content. But how do you assess whether or not the training program needs a makeover?

This article highlights all the important and unmistakable signs that your training content needs to be revamped. If you relate to any of the signs below, it may be time to get to work to improve your online training content.

  • No change in employee productivity:

Employee training courses are built to help employees upskill and address any areas of improvement. This helps employees learn better ways to do their jobs and make fewer mistakes. Not only does this enhance the quality of their work but also increases their overall productivity.

If even after going through an entire training program there is no increment in employee productivity, it is a major red flag that must not be ignored. This means the content is not relevant enough to address their skills gap and is not helping them grow. So the course fails to deliver any results or enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Low course completion rates:

This is the most obvious sign that the training content is not helping the employees. If employees struggle to finish the course, it could imply two things. It either means the course is too generic and employees have to navigate through a lot of content to find relevant information, or the content is too complex to understand.

In the first case, employees will get tired of scanning through the training material and give up on learning since it takes too much time. In the second case, they may do badly on their assessments because they haven’t understood the concepts well. In both cases, employees abandon the course which means the course content needs to be updated.

  • Employees find the course boring:

If your employee training feedback form reflects that employees find the training very boring, it means the content isn’t engaging enough. This should be taken very seriously because it clearly means the training is not impactful enough which can lead to negligible results and low ROI.

Online training courses should be fun and engaging so employees learn effortlessly. If they find it boring, they are not going to get anything out of it and will find learning a stressful experience. This also means that there are very low chances of them retaining the information or utilizing the knowledge in their everyday work. 


Do you identify with any of these signs? If yes, get ready to upgrade your online training course content. The best part is, it’s easy to update any online training content.