CR2 to JPG Conversion with Versatile and Smart reaConverter Software

The Digital era has made it essential for businesses to bring something innovative to survive and stay ahead in this cutthroat competitive market. Canon is a leader offering autofocus and better imaging features. Canon digital camera captures videos and images in CR2 RAW format. It is Canon RAW version 2 is popular among photographers because it supports uncompressed large image files holding high-quality output. The high quality of CR2 encourages users to apply it for 3D modeling to keep human body details rather than storing videos and images. The foundation of the CR2 file extension is based on TIFF specifications.

CR2 format is still new, so some editing programs don’t support it. IrfanView and UFRaw open this file type straightaway but in some cases, there is a need to look for an appropriate CR2 to JPG converter.

Benefits of CR2 file

Before you choose the CR2 format understand the pros and cons. It will help in making an educated decision.

  • High-quality photos – The end results of RAW imagery from Canon digital cameras are high quality. The videos and photos can be edited as you desire.
  • Standard image format – For photography CR2 is a standard format, which every user will gain familiarity ensuring long term usage,
  • Maintains originality – CR2 is a RAW format and helps to maintain the imagery’s originality and portrays the photographer’s perception accurately.
  • Reputable brand – Canon is an established brand, so CR2 has a huge user base.

Drawbacks of CR2 format

  • Editing challenges – As the CR2 file size is enormous, it is challenging to edit. However, to address this dilemma people convert it into other formats.
  • Storage problem – For a large business CR2 format experiences storage issues. Team players find it hard as it is time-consuming.
  • Sharing is hard – As sharing is hard with CR2; there is a remorseful impression on your project subtleties.
  • Possibility of corrupt files – CR2 files can get corrupt because of several core reasons like low battery, sudden system shutdown, virus, improper removal/insertion of SD card, and infected storage media. Fortunately, corrupt files can be repaired. It needs a learning curve to understand the main reason for files getting corrupt and steps to repair them.

How to alter CR2 to JPG?

reaConverter is quality software that allows converting CR2 files into JPG.

  • Clear interface, where just load files and open to edit or convert. The software supports 677+ file formats.
  • An array of image editing tools including crop, rotate, resize, blur, border, sharpen, watermark, and shadow are offered.
  • Users can alter the color intensity, image resolution, etc.
  • Free online image conversion with certain limitations.
  • Editing and effects can be applied in batches at the same time.
  • Rather than choose photos one after another for editing a batch, the software allows selecting them automatically applying for file extension and/or size as criteria.

The potent converter software is available in the Lite edition for free. You can have a trial with this download to get an idea of how magical the software is then upgrade to the Standard or Pro edition. Technical support is keen to help you identify the software’s potency, just email your queries and the staff will respond as soon as possible.

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