Thryv Supports Small Business Owners by Spearheading New Launchpad America Program

Thryv Holdings, Inc. is a software provider for small business owners, and a game-changer for professionals all over the country. The company recently collaborated with a number of other industry leaders, including Intuit, Mastercard, Roll by ADP, and YouMail to create a new program for entrepreneurs called Launchpad America. Learn more about what this program does and why it’s so important to Thryv and its CEO Joe Walsh.

What Is Launchpad America?

Launchpad America is a website where entrepreneurs and startups can get expert mentorship, special offers, and targeted information about how to launch, grow, and secure their business. From access to products with special offers and tools to opportunities for mentorship and guidebooks on building and running a small business, everything is designed to help visitors optimize both their operations and revenue. What’s more, the focus is on what it means to run a small business in today’s uncertain climate.

This is a matter that is near and dear to Thryv, and the foundation of all its software solutions. “As a leading small business provider who helped our customers throughout the pandemic, we recognize that small businesses are the lifeblood of a strong economy, and the economic recovery is dependent on the success of these organizations. We are proud to spearhead this powerful group of small business providers to create a go-to resource that fuels the dreams of entrepreneurs in the U.S.” said CEO of Thryv, Joe Walsh.

The Power of Post-Pandemic Resources

Coming out of the pandemic, small business owners face any number of challenges to get both their customer base and revenue back on track. Launchpad America is there to equip business owners with the resources and advice they need to help them not only adjust to, but thrive in the new market. The coalition is proud to help professionals break through any barriers that might hold them back.

This group was spearheaded by Thryv and formed in response to new trends in the market. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of applications for new businesses coming through is at the highest level since 2007. This started in the spring of 2020 and hasn’t slowed down as we move towards the midpoint of 2021.

There were a lot of people who decided to launch their own business during the pandemic. Whether it was because they were laid off or they realized that life was too short to put it off any longer, it’s a shift that could change the very fabric of our economy.

The industry leaders who created Launchpad America know just how tough the building the foundations of a business can be. The goal is to address these challenges and give small business owners both short and long-term support as they go from one milestone to the next. To improve the odds of success for entrepreneurs everywhere, the creators are prepared to tackle problems from every possible angle.

Visitors who take advantage of this program can receive both a startup guide, provided by America’s Small Business Development Centers (SBDC), as well as a startup kit where they can find special offers from the sponsors of the program.

Small business owners can take advantage of a variety of products and resources for nearly every aspect of their company. This includes legal, finance, credit, payroll, human resources, accounting, cybersecurity, domains, and client management.

How Small Business Solutions Providers Are Banding Together to Improve Small Businesses

According to the US Small Business Administration, half of all startups will fail in five years, a number that would make any would-be entrepreneur pause. As businesses start to open again all over the country, the solutions providers at the heart of Launchpad America are combining resources to give business owners an edge.

A strong economic recovery means giving a leg up to professionals, and Thryv knows just how far a little help can go. The goal of Launchpad America is to blend the specialties of different groups together to establish a single resource for small business owners. Small business owners who have little more than an idea for their company can learn how to file official paperwork, set up a line of credit, and find tools that will actively contribute to their bottom line, amongst others.

Thryv In Action: How the Company Enables Professionals in a Competitive World

The software that Thryv provides was created with small business owners in mind, and includes everything from payment platforms to intuitive CRMs. When developers consider a problem, they try to understand how it functions in the actual business environment.

For instance, a dog walker might work with five dogs from the same family yet have five separate accounts in their system. This disconnect can cause confusion on any number of levels and ultimately lead to a dip in customer service. From payment options to data consolidation, Thryv takes the burden off owners and staff in multiple ways so they can focus on what they do best.

As Thryv looks forward, the company is committed to adapting their solutions to fit small business owners in any number of industries. CEO Joe Walsh’s collaboration with Launchpad is just one initiative of the many that focuses  on the perspective of helping entrepreneurs get ahead. There’s no doubt the competition is fierce these days (and made even fiercer by the number of people getting in on the game). Rather than fighting each other, Thryv helps all small business owners realize their true potential.

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