The 5 most iconic paintings by Alec Monopoly

Money has always been at the center of many works of art, because it is seen as a symbol of power. In the twentieth century one of the first artists to devote himself to the genre was Duchamp with the Chèque Tzank, a check he painted to pay his dentist who had a credit of 115 dollars.

First it was the turn of Gustav Klimt who painted his famous Danae wrapped and cradled by a shower of gold coins. It is then the turn of Pop Art and Andy Warhol.

Even in street art there is no shortage of equally significant examples: the greatest interpreter of this genre is certainly Alec Monopoly’s paintings a street artist who since 2008 has seen his prices multiply dramatically.

His works are almost totally themed on money, through the urban-culture depiction of the famous board game Monopoly and its mascot Mr Monopoly, or through Uncle Scrooge. In this way, Alec makes fun of the world of finance in a polite and ironic way.

His works have entered prestigious collections including those of Adrien Brody and Robert De Niro and his paintings, today, are exchanged by the same author with those of Andy Warhol. In the case of Alec, the artist does not want to communicate opulence but happiness.

5 paintings that represent his philosophy

There are at least 5 paintings that represent his philosophy in an iconic way, they are also a synthesis of his artistic path.

  1. MONOPOLY MONEY TAG, ca. 2015 extimated 95000 dollars
  2. Mick Jagger, 2015

The almost childlike creativity of the American artist Alec Monopoly and the elegance of the Swiss brand Tag Heuer have generated one of the most irreverent collaborations of the year, so much so that, months later, it is still much talked about in the world of marketing.

Alec Andon started painting at the age of twelve in New York City but it was only ten years ago, in the midst of the global economic crisis, that he approached the well-known board game from Parker Brothers with his name: Monopoly.

Combining elements and characters

By combining elements and characters, the artist thus generates a satirical and irreverent street art that aims to move the collective American consciousness (and not only).

Precisely for this reason, Mr. Monopoly can only be the mascot chosen by the artist as the protagonist of all his street interventions and studio works, intended as a critique of financial fraud and big banks.

Later Alec also turned his interest to the recontextualization of other icons of popular culture, including Scrooge McDuck and Richie Rich.

From 2008 to today, Alec Monopoly has obtained important international awards, exhibiting in galleries around the world and participating in projects of the highest profile, such as the well-known collaboration with the artist Avicii (Adrien Brody and Robert De Niro also collect his works).

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