Significance of a Research Proposal – Academic Writing

A research proposal is one such piece of writing which helps the teaching committee to evaluate your
various skills. A research proposal is designed to indicate the aims and objectives of the research you are
proposing and intending to do once it is accepted. This piece of writing is not only bound to explain your
interest in the particular field but also is supposed to explain how this work can be of any benefit for
society or how sustainable it is. Because many students are daunted in putting their ideas into a draft, they
can also seek help through a research proposal writing service, where they can get a perfectly written
proposal. This way is mainly applied when one is already burdened and is having doubts about his
writing, so as to present their precious ideas, it can help greatly. Besides, this not only helps in their
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Here are some important tips one should follow when heading towards the research proposal writing:
1. Important Sections
Your already stored information needs to be categorically arranged into some important sections. A
Research proposal document is supposed to look complete when it includes the following important
1. Title
2. Introduction (Which includes an overview of research, problem statement, or background)
3. Research question
4. Aims and Objectives
5. Materials and Methods
6. Expected Outcomes
7. References
2. Format
A first draft will go through the review of your supervisor, who might review it multiple times, after
implementing every single suggestion of your supervisor and make any amendment. So, for avoiding
mistakes, your document should give a first good impression of sequenced paragraphs, along with equal
spacing, text type (should be one among used for professional writings eg., Times New Roman), proper
citation, and paragraph spacing.
3. Length
Typically, your proposal should be between 2000 to 3000 words. But this is a rough estimate. Every
research institute has its own requirements, one needs to double-check before submission. This way you
can minimize or maximize the length of your proposal in accordance with the requirement.
4. Review is important
Even if you are inclined to work hard and learn tips online, it doesn’t mean your proposal is accomplished
and perfect – or ready for submission. It needs to be sent to your immediate supervisor, or peers for
review. Accept the critical comments given by the experts and edit your proposal. This phase is

sometimes frustrating as many of the students go through making changes multiple times – but you don’t
need to feel any worse about it, the final product would be refined and worthy.
5. Citation
One of the most important parts of any academic writing is “citation”. Usually, when we tend to submit
our research proposals or research articles, we follow the given format of the particular research body.
The citations should be proper and error-free because without your paper it would not appear to be strong.
It is up to you if you use google scholar for citation, do it manually, or use some authentic proposal software like
Mendley or Note.
6. Academic writing
If your proposal will have an informal touch, chances are you’ll be highly disappointed to receive critics
from the evaluating committee! Your proposal should be written in academic writing for instance: “I
think his research was not good for society” wouldn’t be acceptable, instead “The author in his study was
unable to make any significance to the society” can be more convincing.
Nevertheless, research proposal writing is not everyone’s cup of tea at first, but once you stay consistent
in learning about it and practicing, you can easily seek mastery of it! Happy writing!