Doctoral Student from Edinburgh University Innovates New Testament Greek Learning Approach

Doctoral Student from Edinburgh University Innovates New Testament Greek Learning Approach

Daniel Mikkelsen, a doctoral student at the renowned University of Edinburgh, has introduced an innovative educational model aimed at transforming the approach to learning New Testament Greek. Drawing from his personal experience of overcoming dyslexia and his academic expertise, Mikkelsen has developed a new method to connect learners with the original texts of the New Testament.

Over the past decade, Daniel has been deeply immersed in the study of New Testament Greek, transitioning from the initial challenges of Greek grammar to now offering a full-fledged tutoring programme. This programme is designed to assist Christians from all walks of life in exploring the New Testament through personalized tuition.

Mikkelsen’s academic journey includes self-directed study, achieving a Master of Philosophy degree at the University of Cambridge, and currently, conducting doctoral research in New Testament studies at the University of Edinburgh.

His tutoring initiative, NT Greek Tutoring, features a comprehensive approach that includes grammar and morphology education, a customized vocabulary system, and immediate engagement with the text, addressing a common hurdle in ancient language studies.

Mikkelsen’s objective is to clarify the New Testament’s original Greek complexities, thus enabling students to comprehend the scriptures in their authentic context, without the mediation of translations.

He articulates his vision: “I believe that if I can achieve proficiency in New Testament Greek despite dyslexic difficulties, anyone can. My mission is to equip individuals with the tools they need to deepen their understanding of God’s word and enrich their spiritual journey.”

Daniel Mikkelsen has made significant contributions to the field of New Testament scholarship, including guest lectures at the University of Copenhagen, presenting at the 2022 Durham Postgraduate Conference, teaching at the University of Edinburgh, and publishing in the prestigious Dansk Teologisk Tidsskrift.

Mikkelsen’s Greek tutoring services are distinguished by his profound knowledge of New Testament scholarship and a strong dedication to customized teaching, making his programme a unique offering in the educational landscape.

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