The Importance of Displaying Informative Signage Throughout Commercial Buildings

In today’s culture of convenience, people are constantly on the go. They rely on informative signage to get them from point A to point B as quickly as possible. When individuals visit a business or commercial building, it is important for them to be able to find their way around without having to ask for assistance. This can easily be done with informative signage throughout the building!

Display signage that features basic directional information to visitors will help them know where they are in the building. This includes not only lobby entrances but also WC’s, hallways and service desks. Furthermore, it is important to provide a clear direction for employees who want to go from one section of the building to another. 

Types of Signage For Commercial Building

There are plenty of different types of signage found in commercial buildings that can help visitors and employees to understand important information and find their way around the building. Let’s go over some of them!

Strut Cards

Strut cards are small, rectangular signs that can be placed almost anywhere. They usually contain information about the building or company such as, hours of operation, contact information, menu items for restaurants, business areas served by this location etc.

Strut cards are regularly used in hotels to inform guests of services available to them like room service hours, restaurant availability and the location of a business centre. They are also used in hospitals for emergency evacuation instructions and other important information.

Strut cards are a great way to provide bitesize information to people in different ways throughout commercial buildings and have proven to become very useful throughout the 2019-2021 pandemic to remind people to wash their hands, wear masks and remind people to keep their distance when entering the building.

Pull Up Banners/ Roller Banners

Pull Up Banners are a great way to display information without it taking up too much space. They are often used to display a company’s name, logo or contact information. These types of signs are great for conferences and marketing events as they can easily be transported. They are also great for highlighting specific promotions, and their convenience means they can be collapsed and stored for use at a later date, or when a particular promotion runs at a later date.

As with Strut Cards, Pull Up Banners are also very cost effective and can be reused many times over. They are also very durable making them a great investment as they can be used, stored and then redeployed with ease. This type of signage has also become very widely used throughout the pandemic to inform people to continue to wash their hands and follow covid related rules.

Pull Up Banners are a great way to get your name and contact information out there without spending too much time or money.

Floor Stickers

Floor stickers are very popular when it comes to informing people about different aspects of a building. They are often used to inform people about where they can exit in case of an emergency such as finding the nearest fire exit, or being used to direct people around a store, something we have seen a lot of during the pandemic.

Floor stickers have also been used throughout the pandemic to inform people to keep their 2 meter distance from others when waiting in a queue.

A few important points to note about floor stickers is that they are easy to use and can be used for multiple purposes. Floor stickers may not seem as high quality or informative as other types of signage but they are still a great way to inform people about certain things without being in the way. They have a long lifespan and can be an effective way to provide information to people within a building.


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In order to maintain a clean informative environment and protect your business and the people inside your premises, it is important that commercial building owners and companies include informative signage throughout the building. This includes floor stickers and pull up banners as well as other forms of signage which can be changed or updated on demand.

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