The Best Ways to Earn Path of Exile Currency in 2021

As the Leagues in Path of Exile are constantly changing, players must adapt to ever-evolving methods on how to farm currency in the game.

The question of how to get a lot of currency in a relatively short time in Path of Exile has always piqued the interest of players. No matter how many years go by, the question remains the same; however, the solutions constantly differ. Why is that? The most basic answer to this is due to the changes that are being made in the game. With the release of new Leagues now and then by Grinding Gear Games, some solutions that were offered by other players that were once profitable takes are now considered obsolete or less profitable. This requires players to constantly scour the internet for the latest answers to the almost decade-old question. Seeing as the players in Path of Exile are now almost done with half of 2021, this is the best time to search what are the best ways to earn PoE Currency such as Exalted Orbs for the entirety of 2021. Since the Ultimatum League is still ongoing, players are still finding out which methods go best for it.

  1. Tinkering with the Ultimatum Challenges

Once every three months, Path of Exile releases a bunch of challenges that players can undertake to earn some rewards. There is new challenge-based content to find in every area during this time, making it perfect for players that have already finished the endgame content to sink their teeth into. The difference between the normal quests and the challenges is that they reward the players more PoE currency and even some valuable items that are worth using. A usual quest in a low-level area would reward players with just a bunch of Alchemy Orbs, but if players take on the Ultimatum challenges in an endgame map, they could even be given Chaos or even Exalted Orbs for their troubles. So long as players master the challenges and do everything in endgame maps, they’ll be able to get better rewards that are pretty neat to have.

  1. Be Roadrunner

Ever heard of the Looney Tunes show that starred Wild E. Coyote and the Road Runner? Well, it’s time for players to manifest that speedy, fast-running bird and clear the camps in Path of Exile as fast as they can. The reason behind this is speed is everything in the Ultimatum League. The speed meta in PoE that’s the rave these days requires players to clear zones and content as fast as they can. The fast they do it, the better. While players can indeed take their take clearing the locations and maps, there are benefits to considering the speed meta. For starters, having faster speed gives players more items because they’ll be able to clear more side quests and pick more rare items that drop. Another aspect about the speed meta that’s worth noting is that it increases a player’s survival chances. Having more speed means that monsters and mobs won’t be able to keep up.

  1. Regularly Visit the Uber Labyrinth

The Uber Labyrinth in Path of Exile is a great place to farm items that can’t be found anywhere else. An example would be the helmet enchants that can easily net players a couple of Exalted Orbs without that much effort. Another option that players can do when entering the Uber Labyrinth is to clear the maze. Note that this can only be done if they have the maximum number of Treasure Keys. At the end of the maze, players will have the opportunity to open a bunch of Treasure Chests. One of the more unique items that can be found in the Uber Labyrinth is the Death’s Door which is basically a pair of boots that fetch for a pretty penny. Just remember that before entering the Uber Labyrinth, players will first have to have a good build that has high mobility and specialize in single-target DPS. Knowledge of the whole maze also helps a lot since the layout of the Uber Labyrinth changes every day. As long as players have these two requirements, they’ll be able to successfully farm the labyrinth without any problems or setbacks.


The most important thing about farming PoE currency and Exalted Orbs is that the players must first enjoy the process of all the methods that were listed above before everything else. So long as the farming methods are convenient for the players and/or are fun for them, then that is what ultimately matters. Since the ways on how to farm Path of Exile are always evolving, there’s no telling what’s the next big thing for the futures Leagues in the game. What do you think about the current ways on how to farm currency in Path of Exile? Let us know down below.

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