Why roulette is such a fascinating game

Among the most exciting games, one can play in a Casino is roulette and even over 300 years after its invention roulette still holds a special place in the hearts of players. It is said to have been invented in Italy and back then there were two versions that would be played. One was called Italian Roulette and it had a total of 38 numbers while the other one was called German Roulette, offering a total of 18 possible numbers.

But the real fascination with roulette stems not from its past but the idea of hitting the big leagues and winning in style. Roulette simply emanates a certain atmosphere, a certain flair that makes you wish to go back to older times. The distinct sound the ball makes when it spins around until it lands and stands still on a certain number, followed by a loud cheer and screams of ecstasy when someone chose the right number. It’s an intense game that provides players with the ultimate thrill, something, not every other casino game can offer.

But it’s not only that. Another big reason for the popularity of roulette among players is its place in big Hollywood movies. There are many well known Hollywood movies that put roulette scenes into their movies, sometimes even using them as an important piece to push the plot forward. It’s obvious that Hollywood too has a heart for this Casino game and you can tell that they put their soul into showing the whole world just how much they like it.

The most popular roulette scenes in Hollywood movies

Many different Hollywood movies have made roulette popular among players, but only a handful of them really stand out a lot. Of course, there’s the all-time classic Casablanca. This movie from 1942 revolves around a tragic love triangle and takes place in the eponymous city Casablanca during World War II. The main character Rick falls in love with a woman named Ilsa who in turn is married Capitaine Louis Renault. Louis’ and Ilsa’s goal is to flee Casablanca and travel to the United States in an attempt to escape the German invasion. Rick, despite his disdain for his rival Louis, eventually helps the couple get enough money for a Visa by sabotaging a roulette game to their advantage.

It’s a bittersweet movie with a classic roulette scene that many people remember even to this day.

A more recent movie that focuses on the Casino lifestyle in more detail would be the movie “Croupier” from 1998. The main character Jack wishes to start his life as a writer, but after several unsuccessful attempts as a writer, he’s forced to work as a croupier to make ends meet. During his time as a croupier, he experiences all the highs and lows that can happen in a casino. This in turn inspires Jack, as it provides him with many stories to write about.

California Split, a movie from the year 1974, is another great movie that focuses entirely on the Casino lifestyle. Bill Denny and Charlie Waters, the two main characters, form a strong friendship over their mutual love of gambling. Throughout the movie Bill becomes more and more obsessed with this thrilling lifestyle, but this eventually also leads him to go into debt. With the help of Charlie he eventually goes on a trip to Reno, where he ends up with a winning streak that eventually allows him to get rid of his debt. He and Charlie eventually part ways as Bill decides to make changes in his life.

We hope you enjoyed these movies or will give them a try if you haven’t seen them before and we wish you good luck in case you want to try out lady luck yourself sometime.