Choosing Best BIM Software for Your Project in 2021

With the development of high technology, it is almost impossible to imagine the design of construction without BIM (Building information modeling). It has countless benefits: from better communication to lowering of cost expenses and higher quality results.

Applying for services of digital design consultancy which offers BIM might become the most reasonable step in the building industry of today. If you are in search of a trustworthy company, take a peek at Powerkh. It is a BIM & VDC services provider with huge experience and impressive portfolio.

Anyway, in this article we would like to acknowledge you with the most intimate thing for an architect or engineer – with the best applications for BIM. And it might be a hard task – to select proper ones among so many. In order to make it much easier for you, we have created the list of tops of them in 2021. Check it out!


At the beginning we will talk about such a BIM tool as Revit. It serves as an excellent aid in reference to  creation of design of architectural structures. It was founded by AutoDesk, which is known for its activity in computer-aided design. Since Revit is a 4D BIM, it allows you to use its services throughout the entire duration of the project: from initial design to regular handling or its removal.

The application covers multiple functions and is applicable at different stages of the building process. Due to these features, it is useful to various specialists.

Revit supports Microsoft Windows only.

Graphisoft ARCHICAD

Are you in need of an extensive project’s design? If yes, Graphisoft ARCHICAD might come in handy, since it is a frequent choice of lots of professionals in the area including engineers, architects, urban planners and designers. It is quite a deal of time, since it has been firstly presented to the audiences; therefore, it stands still and knows its task.

Graphisoft ARCHICAD is a very user-friendly tool, which makes it obtainable for beginners. It provides a lot of complex features for designing BIM, but one of the most crucial of them to point out is support of a vendor-neutral format (ifc). This gives you the opportunity of unlimited swapping of data between design pals, regardless of what design instruments have been used.

This program (with its high functionality and stunning visualization) can be a great classic universal BIM solution.


The next BIM program is also founded by AutoDesk, and is called Navisworks. It is a review software, which differentiates it from Revit, for instance. It is intended solely for professionals in the AEC industry.

Navisworks supports Windows (as Revit does) and allows collaboration with the rest of Autodesk 3D solutions in such a way so that you can integrate patterns from different resources. This feature provides wonderful visibility, opportunity of navigation, and controlling and predicting project outcome from the very start. And due to its simplicity in use, all of these happens with no extra effort. It also covers some other features, such as data accumulation, animation, model simulation, etc.


Maybe, SketchUp cannot be viewed as a BIM software in the common meaning. But still, it allows the development of elementary structural models without any difficulty. The simplicity of it is exactly what makes it so appealing. There was a time when, due to its unpretentiousness, SketchUp was compared to Microsoft Word.

Although development of designs for building is not SketchUp’s primary specialty, it is widely used among AEC professionals. It is considered a helpful project image representation and also 3D modeling application. Despite it being not that complex itself, it allows projecting of models of different difficulty levels.  Plus, it is free for a single user.


BIM is an inevitable part of nowadays construction building. It is convenient, useful, and beneficial not only in the process of creating design, but in further stages as well.

Being so, it demands significant technological support. And this demand is satisfied by a large number of BIM softwares, which are at the present time within easy reach on the market.

So now the problem of creating building design lies only in the plane of matter of choice. Which one will you choose? Here we suggested you four best (on our opinion) BIM modeling programs:

  1. Revit
  2. Graphisoft ARCHICAD
  3. Navisworks
  4. SketchUp
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