Indigo Suave on What Made Him a Film Director

Millions of people around the world watch movies. But only a few develop the passion for making movies and delivering consecutive hits. It takes years of education, observation, dedication, passion, hard work, and management skills to become a director.

Michael Osei-Wusu, aka Indigo Suave, is one of those filmmakers who loved watching movies and slowly started falling in love with the process of making films. He developed a liking for movies around the age of seven. Indigo was so fascinated with acting and filmmaking that he even printed monologues from some of his favorite movies and acted them out in front of the mirror.  

Getting acquainted with movies in school

Indigo’s parents played a significant role in developing his love for movies, music, and visuals. They recommended to him various movies that he and his friends would see at home. Initially, Indigo thought he would make a career in music because he was a part of the choir in high school when he went to DeMatha Catholic High School in Hyattsville. But he finally chose movies over music. So Indigo went to Princeton University and studied film and media.  

During his time at the university, Indigo also worked as an intern with LET Networks. This internship helped Indigo shape his career as a filmmaker. He had tons of opportunities to collaborate with various visual projects. 

Indigo directed many short films during this time. He was so engrossed in the filmmaking process that he not only directed the films but also edited them. His friend, Lulu, assisted him while shooting mini visual projects. It gave Indigo the platform to learn about the art of filmmaking, experience how to handle film cameras, and master how to direct films without wasting a lot of resources.

Directing music videos

Indigo’s first big break came when he decided to direct his first visual project called Alchemy. He collaborated with his friend Lulu to make the video. The team had to go to Iceland to film everything. One of the unique things about Alchemy was its breathtaking visuals. Indigo said, “I love nature. I think it’s the best background that you can work with. Everyone can work in front of a green screen, but to shoot in a real location, amidst mountains and greenery is surreal.”

Alchemy was a massive hit, considering this was Indigo’s first official project. The picturesque location helped Indigo capture some stunning visuals. His success in his first video gave him the confidence to shoot another music video shortly after. 

He filmed the next song, Starcaster, in Philadelphia. Orisha, an underrated band, gave a dream-like performance, so much so that Indigo said it literally made the video come to life.

His third video, Farewell, was shot in a suburban town. This time, Indigo paid more attention to capturing the essence of the lyrics that talk about the closeness of relationships that we engage in.

Indigo now runs ASUAVEPRODUCTION, his production company. He has many projects in his pipeline that all movie and music lovers should anticipate.

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