Mansory Overhauls the Mercedes-Benz S-Class Design

The triple-pointed stars German vehicle fans have been treated to a long overdue radical surgery of S-Class to a spellbinding style and elegant end. Mansory says the new upgrade is to accentuate the already very elegant appearance further.

The new Mercedes-Benz underscores a departure from its traditional body design, by among others, subtle enhancements on top of the design elements. These elevate the luxury sedan above its closest rivals and make it distinct from other Benz models.

Mansory has been known for their customizations on luxury cars such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class models. This time around they went to town with Mansory’s signature matte black paint job which is accented by more than just carbon fiber bits this time round.

The design of Mercedes-Benz signifies a departure from its traditional body, by among others subtle enhancements on top of the elements that elevate it all above closer rivals and make it distinct from other Benz models. The exquisite matte black painted exterior has an abundance of carbon fiber pieces which are complimented with trunk spoiler, new side mirror caps and roof spoilers for this time round

The exquisite matte black painted exterior has an abundance of carbon fiber and includes a trunk spoiler, new side mirror caps, and roof spoiler. Mansory keeps the carbon fiber pieces to a minimum, adds new side skirts, a new front lip, two different rear diffusers, and two different fender accents. The fiber decklid options are available in two, and so are the side mirror covers and front bumper air intake garnishes.

On the other hand, the Mansory alloy wheel collection of 22-inch premium wheels guarantees excellent contact with the road. These, together with the mono-block cast wheels, sharpen the appearance of the sedan and improve handling. You can choose between Multispoke and Spyder wheel designs. Mansory’s AMG S63 comes with a lowered suspension to lower the center of gravity by 30 mm of the base model. The intention is to beef up its performance and handling.

No doubt the interior lives up to Mansory’s reputation, with attention-grabbing aluminum pedals, masterfully decorated and elaborately sewn seats, and exclusive floor mats. These, together with the company’s logo that adorns some of the key areas for individuality, highlight the interior. But that’s not all. Customers get a couple of modifications on request from new leather upholstery, unique design steering wheel, to illuminated door sill trims. The steering wheel has a unique sporty feel.

All this elegance on the inside and the outside is on top of a massively cranked-up performance deserving of a sports ride. Under the bonnet is a reworked AMG S63 8-cylinder twin-turbo engine, capped with a modified ECU unit and high-performance components, such as stainless steel rear silencers. These reworked features give the S400d a bite of 389 hp and 617 lb-ft of torque. Conversely, it is 519 hp and 464 lb-ft of torque for the S500 model.

The maximum acceleration jumped to 0 to 62 mph for the S400d. For the S500, it is 0 to 62 mph in mere 4.3 seconds. The top speed for the S class electronically caps at 168 mph. The objective of the limit is to prevent damage to internal components and the engine.

Mansory takes care in keeping the carbon fibre at minimums while adding more than just two different side skirts, front bumper air intake garnishes as well as two different fender accents.

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