South of France-based artist Jane CLARE releases her new range of animal wall art

South of France-based artist Jane CLARE releases her new range of animal wall art

Antibes, France: Interior designer Jane Clare today announced the launch of her new range of animal art sculptures.

Oriental Elle

Clare created the new range in response to a simple request by an interior design client, close to where she lives, to create a sculpture to adorn her living room wall.  
Currently the range encompasses 12 pieces of tailored art such as: –
·         Madame Paris, a hare, who explores the fun, sassy attitude we all have. Here, it’s all in her detailing, her pose and in her obvious disregard for the conventional. She isn’t slim, wears sunglasses (optional) and is simply proud of her idiosyncracies!
·         ‘Elle’, an oriental elephant, is one of Clare’s larger works (66x70cms). She was created to inspire and convey the power within us all and to instil us with a sense of calm in today’s ‘noisy’ society.

  ·         “Mad As” … a March Hare is a whimsical take on the amazing hare, a work created for a very close friend of Clare’s. Following a month in psychiatric care, 20 years ago, Clare wanted to confirm that the “Mad As…” philosophy for the outside world, is what is actually required. This creation led to her new concept of “H’abbits” – a cross between hares and rabbits.


Clare’s animal wall sculptures are available immediately, priced from €500 upwards. For more information, visit 
When asked about what inspires her when creating her art, Clare replied “Art brings people together – there is no right or wrong. No judgement. Just the joy of creating something which will be loved and admired each day by someone, somewhere in the world!”

About Jane CLARE

Jane Clare produces her art sculptures from her home in the South of France where she lives due to the exceptional landscapes and luminosity the area offers as a backdrop to all artforms. She is a real gypsy at heart, originally form the UK, and has lived in Dubai and France for the last 11 years. Not a real traveller, Jane Clare certainly doesn’t travel light. Paints and easels take up a lot of space. 

For over 25 years now she has worked as a high-end residential interior designer, with clients in the UK, Europe and Dubai. Prior to fulfilling her dream of living in the South of France, Jane ran her own interior design agency in London and designed for HNW clients including Royalty in Dubai and Qatar. Her love of art, colour and texture was certainly inherited from her amazing mother, a true artist.
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