10 Features of Effective Facebook Ads

Every marketing expert knows that images are more engaging than text. Effective Facebook advertising requires perfect coordination between visual elements and ad copy. Discover 10 tips to make your ads more aesthetically appealing to the target audience.

Finding the right strategy for social media promotion may be daunting. Automated utilities like the ads picture tool for ecommerce help businesses create images that make an impact. Consumers are exposed to loads of visual information, so making your products stand out is crucial. Here are 10 insights to help you.

1. Irresistible Visuals

Most consumers have grown immune to advertising — they scroll down ignoring anything that looks like paid ads. Brands have one second to capture the attention of potential customers. This requires images that stop them scrolling or swiping.

You need a picture with instant impact. The colors should be bright and they must complement each other perfectly. Products must be arranged in an eye-catching and artful way.

2. Relevant Imagery

The effectiveness of any ad depends on its ability to resonate with the target audience. Avoid wasting time and money, and focus on only pertinent imagery. Users should have no trouble understanding the value your products or services bring.

3. Highlighted Value

Why should people engage with your ad at all? What’s in it for them? Why are you better than the competition? Your answers to these questions define the value of the proposition.

4. Call to Action

Every ad must include a specific call to action. On Facebook, a properly worded call to action may increase your click-through rate by over 280%! Tell the audience what you want them to do — browse your catalogue, place an order, take advantage of a discount, sign up for a newsletter, etc. Motivate users to take a specific action. Add a tone of urgency with words like “now”, “today”, and “save”.

5. People Using Your Product

Create ads that look natural, not salesy. They must resemble posts from friends. To achieve the right effect, show people using your products. For example, a sunglasses brand will achieve more by showing a photograph of someone wearing their glasses.

6. Different Images for Different Users

Your buyer personas must be your starting point. Make sure each ad targets a specific group of consumers and includes a relevant image. For example, a clothing brand would use a photo of a woman wearing their apparel to advertise to females.

7. Narrow Focus

You cannot succeed without a clearly defined audience, and your images should be tailored to your selection of demographics. On Facebook, there is no one-size-fits-all. Specific targets require specific images.

8. The Power of Faces

Research shows that images with human faces are more engaging. This is true for all social media platforms, from Instagram to Twitter. Businesses should also leverage the power of faces.

9. A Sense of Urgency

The fear of missing out, or FOMO, has become a buzzword. People hate missing opportunities. If you set limits on your offer, such as a deadline, or availability while stocks last, this creates a sense of urgency that works in your favor. It will prompt users to make quick purchasing decisions.

10. Concise Text

In the past, companies were advised to cover less than a fifth of the ad space with text. Now, Facebook recommends forgoing text overlays or being as concise as possible. Many companies need to include at least a few words in their ads. You can upload your file to Facebook to have it tested. The system will show if it will be approved, disapproved, or penalized based on the updated guidelines.

To Sum up

Facebook ads can help you showcase your products and services to millions of people. They require a meticulous approach focused on relevance, engagement, and value. Follow our tips to optimize your next campaign and improve results.