Invest in robust roofing solutions to combat harsh weather

Looking for low maintenance and budget-friendly roof solutions – ask for metal roofs. Metal roof systems are gaining popularity in mainstream constructions. You can now opt for shingle-style metal roofs for residential and commercial buildings. These last for decades and can withstand wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour.

Ask for suitable residential tops covers with Benchmark metal roofing solutions. You have the options of zinc, copper, and aluminum metal sheets to cover the roofs. This reduces the overall costing by 20%.

Advantages of metal roofs 

  • For sustainable homes and budget-friendly rooftops, metal roofing is ideal. The life of a newly installed metal roof is up to 50 years.
  • The metal housetops look aesthetically great and are perfect for matching the style of the neighborhood.
  • The installation is very robust due to the interlocking panels. These are standard designs for wind resistance and, therefore, stay-put during storms.
  • The metal rooftops are fire resistant and therefore are also a preference of commercial spacings.
  • The roofs made in copper and aluminum are super for energy conservation. The homes are cooler, and it keeps the harsh sun rays away.
  • The light-weighted system helps in balancing the structure of the building and enhances its longevity.
  • The metal housetops are also suitable for extensions. Metal roofs are perfect for any additional space that requires smaller roofs or extra space to match the existing design.
  • Proper installation of metal roofs can reduce the noise of than asphalt roofing system. However, heavy hailstorms and downpours may be a little noisy but, it is still a better option than many other roofing solutions.
  • Damage from lightning to the metal roofs is an outdated theory. Rather, metals are less combustible than other wood shingles and roofing systems.
  • The termites and other insects never attack the metal roofs.

The only major disadvantage of metal roofs is the installation. You cannot install or fix the metal tops over your house by yourself. These require skilled contractors who are professionals in creating the secured roofing systems.

Types of metal roofing (material wise)

Copper is high in demand for residential spaces. It is exceptionally long-lasting and easy to install as it has a very low melting temperature. These are 100% recyclable and are therefore ideal for environmentally friendly solutions. Copper roofs are there for centuries because they light weighted and require bare minimum installation methods. The only downside is the cost. These are expensive but, roofing solutions are always one-time investments.

Aluminum roofs are perfect for coastal region houses. Many sustainable houses prefer aluminum rooftops as it never corrodes. Even termites never eat metals. However, it is a highly reactive metal, so there are frequent changes to the appearance of the roofs. So, if you are looking for a lasting aesthetic roof cover, then avoid aluminum roofing.

Zinc is an amazing option for centuries of roofing solutions. You can forget about the roofs once you have zinc over your head. You can paint over the zinc roofs, and therefore, these are ideal for matching with the neighborhood designs. This metal is 100% recyclable and perfect for large commercial spaces. The major con is the weather damage may be huge in case the installation is poor.

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