Smart cover launching Insurtech product unifying Home Motor and Health Cover

On the 1st September 2021, Smart Cover launched its ground-breaking app, allowing users to gain direct access to their Smart Cover policies from their Smartphones. The soft launch of the app will be on an invitation-only basis for selected Smart Cover customers. As a reward, the participating customers will receive up to 6 months of free cover on selected packages. Smart Cover is now offering emergency assistance insurance for home, motor and as an add on, customers can include a private GP care service at a nominal fee. This will allow the customers to bring all the home and motor emergencies with the added benefit of including the private GP services under one policy.  
The MD of Smart-Cover, Niraz Buhari, was quoted as, “As a forward-thinking insurance group, we were inspired by the online banking approach. Our new app solution enables users to access their policies securely from their phones, giving them direct access in the most convenient manner. The app will also ensure our customers can start their claims application at their convenience and on their terms. It is important that we offer insurance products that a modern lifestyle needs and that we also provide the easiest, fastest and most convenient access to deliver what our products promise to the customer. We spent almost two years planning, researching, building and re-building the tech required to run the app.”

The services included in the app include:

Rather than porting the entirety of the website onto the app, Smart Cover created an app that prioritises emergency and/or more urgent situations. If you want to pour over the minutiae of the small print, then use the website, but if you need to know if you are covered for an emergency that just happened, or if you need to make a claim quickly, then this is the app for you.

Although enabling access to all services, the primary focus of the Smart Cover App is giving customers superfast access in an emergency. If they need roadside assistance, they can simply tap the app. If there is a need to see a doctor in a hurry, an urgent online appointment with a GP can be made. However, it must be noted that in an emergency the GP service is not an alternative to dialling 999.

By their very nature home emergencies can be distressing, inconvenient or just annoying, but being able to contact a service that provides a solution within minutes of the issue arising is exactly the way consumers want insurance to behave. Whether it’s a flood, a boiler breakdown or a change of locks required after a burglary, the relevant Smart Cover Insurance response is minutes away. 

Having the app provides even greater peace of mind than just knowing the insurance cover is in place, with the advantage that all services are available in one place, accessible with just a few clicks. 

Dr Neil Dixon heads the R&D department of the group. He said the company has committed an incredible amount of resources and money to researching and developing this solution. The app sits on the customer’s phone permitting them the ability to access not only home emergency services but also motor breakdown and private GP healthcare. As this is a novel solution, which will provide an instant response, we are confident that it will revolutionise the way the add-on value proposition requirements are met when most home and motor insurance policies are distributed.  It is intended that further services will be included in the app in due course, thereby further enhancing the offering.

Senior Solutions Architect – Salam K – for Smart Cover stated, “Each app is connected securely to a series of encrypted Cloud servers, ensuring 99.98% up-time, a speedy service, and a secure, safe and private user experience. We’re enabling users to find, view, alter, cancel, activate and claim through their insurance policies all within a single app.”

Chetan Mankar the Group Sales Director has stated, “I am very much looking forward to working with other business partners within the Home and Motor insurance Industry. We have already received a lot of interest from the industry on this product. This is a game-changer and will revolutionise the ancillary insurance industry”. With the capital Injection from Yarab Capital we are projecting further expansion. 
Chris Beasley, Head of Operations said “We are so excited to launch new technology which further enhances our customer experience and proposition. Our customers already rate us 4.8 stars on Trustpilot proving they love our approach to service. My colleagues have managed to deliver first-class service levels to our customers during the pandemic despite significant challenges felt across our industry affecting our major competitors”. The Smart-Cover claims experience has piqued the interest of other A-rated insurers who are availing our services as a standalone service and we are seeing more business enquiries from insurers; the app solution will further speed up the claims experience and provide automation and fraud-detection tools.
Smart Cover provides a wide range of insurance products and does so with customer service of the highest quality. They offer a variety of products from appliance and home emergency insurance to gadget insurance, landlord insurance, car insurance, TV insurance and GP health service. Smart Cover has 5 different packages for Home Emergency Insurance with added Appliance Insurance and GP Care to suit customer needs. 

 previously been awarded a Broker Innovation Award and short-listed for several top-ranked insurance awards for its service and innovation. 

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