Great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction Reveals Rebirth Of The Temple Of Ra From The Pacific Oceanic Triangle

Wapwawet nu wu duat

The Holy black sun temple of Atum in Annu located in the country of Alkemi now called Egypt. This sun temple was the first resting place of Atun or the high noon sun of the deity Re. This city of Annu was the holy of the holies. This city was the dwelling of the sacred divine nine deities. 

On December 21st 2020 an observatory called Lowell, and many others saw a rare celestial great conjunction of Jupiter, and Saturn adjacent with the pacific triangle above the city of the bennu bird as well as the sun or star Sopdet(Sirius) rose as the south pole star at 12 midnight of the new year.

The power of 3 energy vortices, Jupiter, Saturn, and the pacific triangle.

Those are signs of the resurgence of the black sun of righteousness, and The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra. 9*

On the evening of the month of 9 at a time of 8:54 PM in this year of 2021. The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra rose with the western sun. 8+9=17 1+7= 8 for the star of Tron Meta Asar.

Wapwawet Shil Ah Nun Re was completed by the Supreme Arc Priest Hati Imiut Atum. 

Paa kmt sekhem of Omni-Divinity was revealed as Quasi-Existence: Omni Spirit Time Matter of the sacred divine 9.

According to The Ledger of Coming Forth By Day” Atum in his sun-disk; It is Ra in his sun-disk shining from the eastern horizon of the sky.”

History Channel The Sacred Divine 9

The Holy Temple Of Knowledge Of Ra


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