Can HUH Token Go from Meme to Utility?

The crypto market is typically unpredictable due to its extreme volatility and the emergence of new products and services, such as NFT’s, DeFi, etc.

Another emerging crypto industry is the Meme cryptocurrency space, this is where HUH Token is placed.  Pioneered by DogeCoin in 2013 as BTC’s joke version, Meme tokens, since then have experienced unprecedented growth.  DogeCoin is inarguably, one of the top 10 cryptos based on market capitalization.

Meme coins or tokens were dismissed initially because they had zero real utility and were “worthless”. However, DogeCoin has proven all speculations wrong and we now can safely infer that a token can go from a meme to a utility.  However, the bigger question is, how does this happen, and why? Continue reading to find out!

What Are Meme Tokens?

Basically, meme tokens, otherwise called meme coins, are cryptocurrencies developed around internet memes.  This may be a humorous text, image, or video that will enjoy widespread engagements and shares on social media platforms.

Recently, meme coins have grown exceedingly popular, particularly because of their ease of creation and the considerable influencer culture surrounding most of these meme projects.  For instance, when Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, posted his pet goats’ picture on social media, a meme token called “Aqua Goat” rose in value by 300% within 24 hours.

How Can Meme Tokens Have Real Utility?

Contrary to the popular belief that meme tokens don’t have real utility, a few of these tokens actually have.  Apart from DogeCoin that has proven this beyond a reasonable doubt, it seems another such token is attempting it called the HUH Token, this a relatively new cryptocurrency looking to launch in a few weeks.

HUH is a social media-oriented Token looking to create holders a passive income stream. Laughable, huh? Well, that’s typically what everyone does whenever meme tokens launch.

Anyways, HUH is confident in creating a marketplace where everyone can …  oops I might have already said too much, we will find out more as the Token launches and within their roadmap once released.

As explained by the HUH team, “…by leveraging blockchain technology, we intend to modernize traditional finance. Our mission is to challenge the status quo and create a source of passive income for our community.”

We will see in the near future what HUH Token will bring to the world of crypto.

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