Why you need to holiday with Club Mahindra – hear what others say with Club Mahindra membership reviews!

You’re looking forward to making holiday plans with your family after being confined to your house for all of 2020 and most of 2021. You decide to book a nearby destination, but you are unsure of the hotels there and whether you can get any sightseeing done properly. Then a friend recommends taking a Club Mahindra membership, just like them – they say that you and your family can enjoy a lifetime of wonderful holidays with them.

So you take the next step: start checking out Club Mahindra reviews. And this is what you find:

Sulekha Gadnis from Pune writes, “My husband bought the Club Mahindra membership 10 years ago. We have had 9 years of the best holidays in India, and this year, we are planning to go to Malaysia with Club Mahindra. All their resorts and hotels have been spectacular, with the best amenities, wonderful service and excellent food that is made to suit our taste. Three years ago, my mother-in-law joined us for the holiday and when we requested low-oil and low-spice meals, the chef at the Goa resort we stayed at made sure that her meals were prepared separately. Club Mahindra always goes out of its way to make guests comfortable. If you want great holidays with your family, I suggest you stop reading membership reviews for Club Mahindra and just go ahead and buy their membership! It is worth every Rupee.”

Sharing her experiences of holidaying with Club Mahindra for five years, Tejas Gupta writes, “I bought the Club Mahindra membership right after I got married. My wife Riddhi and I love to hike and explore new places, so we are always taking off on road trips. Every year for the last five years, we have gone to the North of India with Club Mahindra for a week of rejuvenation, walking and trekking. Now we wish to go to the South and explore the many destinations there. I cannot describe how much I enjoy holidaying with Club Mahindra, because you don’t have to worry about a thing. When my wife and I book road trips on our own, we get stressed out and sometimes end up booking the wrong hotels, or get fooled by fake photos of resorts and waste a lot of time and money trying to get decent lodging and food. Far from these problems occurring with Club Mahindra, we are always taken great care of and our every wish is catered to at once.”

Adds Balram Puru from Delhi, “My son-in-law invited me for his annual holiday with my daughter and their two children three years ago. I am not much of a traveller, but I was mesmerised by the Club Mahindra resort at Gangtok. I have told my daughter I want to come along for their next Club Mahindra holiday as well!”

Get a Club Mahindra membership today – here’s why

With Club Mahindra, you get guaranteed exciting holidays for a lifetime – to be specific, that’s 25 years of the most memorable vacations from the year of purchase. Club Mahindra holidays are renowned for their attention to detail and a thorough understanding of what people look for when they take holidays with their families. Not only do they have the most superb resorts and affiliate hotels in every location in India and abroad, but they are backed by excellent service, the best in amenities and activities, and delicious meals at their restaurants.

What does a Club Mahindra membership really fetch you? Here’s a look at what you can expect:

  • A new destination to holiday in every year, for 25 years, whether in India or several locations abroad, through a week’s worth of annual holidays
  • The holiday membership is highly flexible. You can adjust the days per year as you need, or even pay the membership fee in EMIs instead of a lump sum payment.
  • Thus, you have the freedom to choose all 7 days of the holiday in one year, or break the days into two or three days each in the year. If you want a longer holiday, you can advance the next year’s holiday week to the current year, or even carry over last year’s unused days to the current year.
  • Your membership gives you four categories of holidays to choose from, with each customised to the kind of holiday you are looking for, the season you wish to travel in, the room/apartment you seek, and so on. Take a look at the category details to choose what fits you and your family the best – Club Mahindra then offers the best pricing for your choice.
  • When you buy Club Mahindra holidays, you get access to 25 years of holidays in 100+ of the best resorts and hotels in India and abroad.
  • Besides, you can look forward to joining Club M, a members-only group that offers the best range of discounts and access to over 800 leading restaurants across India. Club M also has offers and deals on flight bookings and 12,000+ international cruises, discounts on health activities in your city, and the chance to save Rs 1,00,000 every year, among other benefits. Do check for the complete range of benefits with Club Mahindra.
  • Club Mahindra does not pressure you to pay the entire membership fee upfront. Indeed, you can start your holidays with as little as Rs 9,900 as a starting EMI
  • Club Mahindra is arguably the only company of its kind to offer its members over 2,000 fun experiences, and it plans a range of fun activities to add value to your trip. It also helps you plan your itinerary and arranges local transport if necessary. The shared activities improve bonding between you and your family members.
  • Speaking of bonding with family, Club Mahindra also allows your extended family to travel with you – just swap your current holiday inventory for a larger room!