Gotshal Rhoades Will Introduce a New Investment Performance Reporting Tool

The firm’s new tool will provide institutional investors valuable information and performance details for their portfolios

Gotshal Rhoades, an investment management firm that offers a broad spectrum of investment strategies, is pleased to announce that it will launch a new analytics tool which will offer customers valuable and important insights when tracking and analyzing performance of their portfolios.
This latest enhancement from Gotshal Rhoades Investment Strategies and Analytical Services (ISAS) department introduces Analytic RADAR, a new reporting instrument which will offer a contemporary and intelligent customer experience for accessing performance, contributions and development results online across customers’ portfolios.
Gotshal Rhoades is implementing new technologies to provide more efficient processing and content integration combined with enhanced visualization possibilities. The introduction of investor-based set up enables speed of implementation while delivering the most relevant information to each client.
Daniel Chong, Managing Director at Gotshal Rhoades said: “Analytic RADAR gives the opportunity to amalgamate and synthesize large amounts of complex data through flexible visualization tools. Our customers can find information quickly using powerful graphics and they can intuitively compare performance results. The result is that we provide customers with better insights into their analytics – faster and more efficiently than ever before.” 
Tomislav Marković, Head of Investment Strategies and Analytical Services (ISAS) at Gotshal Rhoades said: “Gotshal Rhoades is committed to anticipating and supporting the evolving necessities of our customers as they monitor and manage their investments and the introduction of Analytic RADAR is another key instrument in the execution of our client-focused latest digital strategy.”
Gotshal Rhoades’s ISAS department delivers innovative analytical solutions, assisting customers with performance measurement, risk monitoring and investment compliance analysis, giving them the possibility to gain greater insights into their investments for a better and informed decision-making process.

About Gotshal Rhoades

Gotshal Rhoades is an investment management firm that merges proven theories about security analysis and portfolio management with a genuine interest in helping people and institutions achieve their financial goals. The company serves individuals, corporations, pension funds, foundations, and endowments via a selection of specialist asset classes, including low volatility strategies, capitalizing on in-house fundamental and quantitative capabilities. The professionals at Gotshal Rhoades are proud to partner with customers to deliver sophisticated solutions that result in their success. Gotshal Rhoades continuously expands its investment and wealth management offerings to keep pace with the evolving landscape.

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