Top tips for decorating your new home

Finding your perfect home can be tricky, but going through a professional and experienced house building company like Anwyl Homes will help you find that special property that you can make your own. Once you have moved into your new house, that is when the fun can start as you can get started choosing fabrics, wallpapers, paint, furniture, and accessories. You might not be struck with inspiration straight away though, or know how to capture that exact look and style you want without breaking the bank. Below are some useful tips and things to consider, helping turn your house into a home.

Look for ideas and be inspired

There are so many places to look for ideas, online platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, plus hotels, restaurants you visit, shops, friends’ houses, etc. You could put together a mood board, physically or digitally, of what you want your home to look like. This doesn’t necessarily have to include specific paint colours and fabrics, just a compilation of things you love. Doing this will help focus your mind, and if you have a partner or family living with you, it is important to include their ideas too.

Take the time to settle into your house

Don’t rush into buying things straight away as your initial ideas will likely change when you have spent more time living in each room. Sometimes it is easier and less overwhelming to start from a blank canvas, so if you’re staring at rooms covered in terrible wallpaper or awful paint colours, strip it all back and paint it white. Also, decorating and DIY can involve big jobs both inside and outside your home, with that in mind you might need a high quality ladder or scaffold tower from BPS Access Solutions to help you get everything done.

Look at what furniture you already have

Your budget might not allow you to start from scratch in every room, so it is important to work your new ideas and style around furniture you already have from your old house. If the colours and designs are not working, try to recover, paint, or renovate to help them fit in better. It is amazing how different an old grey sofa can look when it is covered in a bold and exciting emerald, green velvet.

Get the basics right

Flooring, lighting, sockets, and switches are key to get right first time as changing them later will involve a lot of upheaval. You don’t want to have to replaster and paint a bedroom wall because you have decided that wall lights are better than table lamps next to your bed.

When you have decided on the look and feel you want to create, it is best to start with one room at a time. Trying to tackle a whole house in one go can leave you feeling stressed and overwhelmed. Buying a cushion, fabric, or artwork that you love is often a good starting point for a colour scheme. This is because you can then pick out the colours in that design for paints and other furnishings.

Invest in important furniture

It is worth spending more money on important items of furniture, like your sofa, bed, bath, and kitchen table etc, as you will want high quality that is built to last. Even if you have to save up for a little while for them, it is better value to get the piece you love and will want to keep long term  rather than opting for something cheap and uncomfortable that will break within a few years.

Less is more

You don’t have to overdo it, less can really be more when it comes to putting a scheme together. It is important to add a bit of breathing space to your decor so it doesn’t look too busy, incorporating white into a design whether it is on the walls, or the furniture will help the rest of the room to have a much bigger impact.