Property Improvements That Make Economic Sense

For homeowners, property improvements come in all shapes and sizes. Some add value and beauty to a house, while others make it more comfortable or energy efficient. It’s all a matter of taste when choosing what kind of a project to tackle.

Likewise, owners need to decide whether they prefer a DIY (do-it-yourself) job or one that’s more complex and requires the help of a professional contractor. Every idea has its own advantages and unique aspects, so it’s essential to spend time learning about all the options and selecting something that can add value, comfort, beauty, or resale value to your home. Here are pertinent details about some of the most popular improvements for 2023/24.

Efficient Toilets

The latest versions of low-flow toilets feature dozens of environmentally friendly components, can conserve massive amounts of water compared to traditional units, and can substantially cut water bills for homeowners who install them. Not only do efficient toilets give owners a chance to minimize their carbon footprint, but they also come with options like variable flushing power, temperature control, and away settings for those who spend weeks or months on vacation. Many homeowners don’t realize that toilets are among the biggest water guzzling devices in residential houses. That’s why upgrading them makes so much sense. The decision can lead to huge annual savings on the cost of water.

Home Lift

Installing a home life is a powerful move that not only adds a large dose of luxury to any property but also makes the living space more accessible and safer for residents who wish to avoid staircases. Companies like Stiltz can install a personal lift in any room and offer multiple styles and designs. Plus, Stiltz lifts have the potential to boost the home’s resale value, attract many interested buyers, and get a top price for the seller.

But most who add a lift to their living space do so because they realize that the unit makes the house more comfortable, attractive, and safe. Aesthetically, a lift can do wonders for even the dreariest of rooms because the sleek, classic look literally transforms the space where a homeowner chooses to locate it. What some forget is that lifts are extremely energy efficient. Newer models have operational components that conserve electricity, provide backup power, and come with high-tech safety features.

Walk-In Showers

Those who install walk-in showers do so for several different reasons. The units give the bath area an upgrade with a spa-like feeling, are surprisingly simple to clean, and contain fewer places where mildew and mold can grow. The style choices for customization are virtually endless. Favorites include bench seating, triple showerheads, special lighting, and waterproof entertainment centers.

The feel is luxurious, and the project can be DIY or contractor-led, depending on how fancy you want to get. Walk-in showers feature an open look and can make any bathroom appear larger than it is. For individuals who have mobility issues, walk-ins are an ideal choice because there’s no divider to step over. Prices are reasonable for basic models, and the units do a good job of adding value to any home.