A round-up of the most wished-for power tools for home improvement

With DIY, you can save money and time. Hychika has compiled its list of the most wished-for power tools so you can be sure  you will love it.

A handy guide from Hychika(hychika.com), a leading power tool manufacturer that sells millions of tools a year, will help you pick out the right power tools for your DIY enthusiast.

  1. Power Drills

First in Hychika’s list of tools that make a great Father’s Day gift is the humble handheld power drill, a staple of every toolbox! Power drills are used to bore holes into wood, metal, plastic, and other hard surfaces.

The great thing  a power drill is that has more powerful cordless capabilities and the benefit of a much longer battery life.

Hychika recommends one of these complete kits that come with a variety of drill bits for many different uses.

104 piece Power Tools Combo Kit 

This kit covers all bases, containing a 20V cordless drill for at-home use with a sturdy 1500RPM, a hand saw, wrench, water pipe plier, needle nose plier, utility knife, hammer, magnetic level, measuring tape, assorted drill bits, a fast-charging battery base, and several other useful household and bike-repair tools.

  1. Impact Wrenches

Impact wrenches are a must-have for any toolbox, but if your father is frugal with money he may have held back from adding this power tool to his collection. Impact wrenches are great for loosening stubborn bolts and can be used to tighten bolts as well. Using an impact wrench avoids the struggle of having to rely on an old-fashioned wrench and elbow grease to loosen a bolt! For household who often change tires or repair cars, the impact wrench is a winning gift.

Cordless Impact Wrenches with 3PCS Sockets 2000RPM 350Nm 18V/20V (EU/US)

Hychika’s cordless impact wrench boasts 260ft-lbs of max torque (twisting force), a long battery life, and comes with three sizes of impact sockets for different bolt types. It also comes with an LED light to help in dark workspaces (such as under a vehicle), and a carry case. 

  1. Circular Saw 

For DIY, home improvements, or furniture making there’s nothing they’ll consider cooler than a circular saw, especially if they’ve been relying on a smaller electric jigsaw or traditional saw to get the job done until now.

Hychika boasts a great range of circular saws for any budget, from a mini handheld circular saw that can conveniently slice through wood, plastic, and ceramic tiles with ease to a larger handheld cordless circular saw that will make cutting through boards of thick wood, PVC pipe, Fiberboard, or Plasterboard, a quick and easy task.

Here are just a couple of the saws Hychika’s range offers. See the full series here.

Mini Circular Saw 500W 4.0A 4500RPM Pure Copper Motor (US/EU)

This handheld mini circular saw is small but mighty! With 4500RPM, and three different blades to cut through most materials (including wood, metal, plastic, and drywall), this affordable cord-powered saw is more than enough for the needs of a casual DIYer.

  1. Electric Sanders

If household  works with any form of wood or metal it’s almost guaranteed that he will need a sander to smooth, level, and polish surfaces. So why not save his hands the strain and shave hours off the job by investing in these affordable electric sanders that are far more efficient than traditional sandpaper!

Handheld Orbital Sander 2.5 Amp 300W 13000RPM

This little handheld gadget has six speeds and avoids mess or harmful inhalation of dust by collecting the fine particles produced as the material is sanded. It comes with a 2-meter cable and 12 sandpaper disks with various grits.

  1. Laser Level

Laser levels are one of the handiest tools in any DIYer’s toolbox and a good affordable gift option for the father who seems to have everything listed above!

Laser levels help keep objects aligned, level, and plumb. A laser level is especially useful for DIY projects that require accuracy, from building a perfectly square deck to framing walls or making furniture —having one of these helps ensure that everything fits together smoothly!

Laser Level 50 Feet Cross-Line Self-Leveling with Dual Modules

With a battery life of up to 20 hours, this laser level offers extreme precision when it’s needed. Whether it’s used for putting up a picture frame or laying tiles, the laser level can project its bright cross beams 50ft across a space, so the days of struggling with a floppy tape measure are over!

In addition to receiving a high-quality tool, buyers of Hychika tools can also share the joy with 1% of their order amount donated to a charity on their behalf.

A representative for Hychika added: “Hychika is proud to donate 1% of every sale made directly to a charity or cause chosen by our customers at checkout.

“From offering tools to groups that teach disadvantage teens woodwork, to helping charities provide employment in marginalized and under-resourced communities, your purchase will help make a difference.”