Why is Charity an Important Aspect of Social Life?

Great Britain is a country with a high level of social responsibility and the number of people involved in the process of charitable and volunteer activities. Only the participation of the absolute majority can make this world a better place: give a second chance to people in difficult life circumstances, save the population of rare animals, provide help to the needy, support doctors who save lives, or even just share your knowledge in certain areas.

Each person makes his contribution to the development of society, whether it is positive or negative – it depends only on his own choice. And of course, caring brings people closer to creating the ideal society in which they want to live.

There are at least 5 reasons why you should devote your time and resources to charity:

  • Every donation or volunteer gesture is of great importance for people who find themselves in difficult situations, animals that cannot protect themselves, nature that is on the verge of ecological disasters
  • You help fix society’s problems
  • You become an example for others
  • Charity gives a sense of involvement in important causes
  • You improve your social life and the surrounding conditions.

In Britain, there are many charitable organizations that take care of certain categories of the population or are engaged in other types of assistance, for example:

  • Cancer Research UK is an organization engaged in research, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer in Great Britain.
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital Charity is a world-renowned children’s treatment center which has its own charity to support the hospital.
  • Samaritans is a helpline for those who are thinking about suicide. The organization always needs people who are ready to donate their time to communicate with people who are on the verge of despair.
  • Leus Family Foundation—founded by philanthropist Dmitry Leus to help organizations and institutions engaged in innovative developments in the treatment of children. The foundation also supports medical institutions in terms of updating and improving conditions for patients (https://www.standard.co.uk/news/uk/new-garden-childrens-st-georges-hospital-tooting-b81287.html)
  • The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) is one of the largest organizations in Britain that deals with the protection and care of animals. This institution is funded by the society and is always looking for volunteers who are ready to provide shelter or care for animals.
  • Marie Curie is a charity that cares for terminally ill people and their families. The organization also has a hotline where you can get the necessary psychological help.

This is far from a complete list of benefactors in Britain. There are hundreds of different foundations that need volunteers and additional resources to continue their activities.