Survey reveals the average American spends nearly $1,000 a year on hangover comfort food…

For every up, there is a down; for every high, a low; and in no situation is that more true than the morning after the night before. After a rowdy night of beers or cocktails with friends, waking the next day can be painful. The nearly universal go-to for a hangover is comfort food. Whether it’s a large breakfast or greasy fast food, spending a few bucks for reprieve from a massive headache and upset will always feel like money well spent. 


But how much do people really invest in their hangovers?, a leading educational resource on addiction treatment recovery solutions, conducted a survey of 4,150 drinkers and found that the average drinker spends a fairly substantial $947.01 per year on hangover comfort food, which works out to $78.92 per month. That’s a lot of pizzas, burritos, or pancakes… also polled people who generally eat healthily; but nearly half of them (47%) confessed to resorting to unhealthy food to help get them through it a hangover. 



Other findings of the survey include:


Forty-three percent of people say they consume more calories when hungover and almost 1 in 5 (19%) say they often eat when they’re drunk – but can’t remember what they consumed when they wake up the next morning. 


Despite all these attempts to make it all go away, 37% of people don’t actually believe a hangover cure exists, which is true. The only sure-fire way to cure or prevent a hangover is to not drink in the first place. 


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