The most famous ski resorts in France

The ski resorts of France are among the best in the world. This is the location of the magnificent, beautiful French Alps, where there are very extensive, relevant zones for countless hours of skiing and fun. Fans of mountain skiing and snowboarding, and other types of winter sports are waiting for more than four thousand different trails to discover. Tourists can choose the most suitable pistes depending on their level of experience and ability, so the possibilities are truly innumerable, being a great place to enjoy, for both professional skiers and beginners alike. But let’s go discover the best winter resorts in the country of France, analyzing them one by one.

Val’ D’Isere

This ski resort in France is considered one of the most famous in the country and rightly so. The most famous athletes of the sport choose it, adding even more credibility to this resort. The height of its peak reaches 1850 m. The local ski slopes are recognized as the best in France and compete with the best facilities around the world. The area is 200 km from the city of Geneva. A highly touristic area, where every year all the snow enthusiasts gather to enjoy the experience.


Part of the famous Trois Vallées, in the French Alps, one of the most extensive and most organized skiing and winter sports destinations in the world, with almost 600 km of slopes, Courchevel is probably the most famous winter resort in Europe, along with Gstaad and St. Moritz, Switzerland. It is essentially an entire uphill valley, literally “drowned” in the winter months in the snow, which includes five villages, perfectly organized and perfectly connected to each other in such an excellent way that they all form the resort of Courchevel. In fact, it is a luxurious winter destination built over the last 70 years, as in this area of ​​the French Alps, all that pre-existed were the herds of some intrepid breeders grazing their calves in the spring just below 1550 meters.


Located near the peaks of Aiguilles Rouges and especially the most important  Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix is ​​one of the oldest ski resorts in France. The north side of the Mont Blanc peak and, therefore, the mount itself is part of the village of Chamonix. On the south side, the situation is different depending on the country. Italy considers that the border crosses the top. France considers that the border runs through the rocky area of ​​the Tournet below the summit, delimiting the summit to French territory. The south side is attributed to the community of Saint-Gerbe-le-Ben, which shares the top with its neighbour Chamonix.

The community of Chamonix is ​​well known and loved by skiers and mountain lovers, who can reach Aiguille du Midi by cable car and the famous off-piste route Vallée Blanche. With an area of ​​245 sq km, Chamonix is ​​the fourth largest community in mainland France. If you wish, you can stay in the wonderful Chamonix, choosing an economical accommodation package from the company Nuco Travel, which will organize for you your most ideal and most enjoyable winter getaway.

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