How much is a boat trip in Dubai?

Any planned trip can have many realizations, and its cost will depend on the type of trip, the number of people, and the need for additional equipment or materials. Depending on the selected services, you will be charged a certain amount for Dubai powerboat rentals. The cost of an evening on a boat varies from 5.10 euros to 8772.24 euros. This article provides an overview of average boat rental costs for private trips, fishing tours, and yachts charters.


Yacht for private excursions

If you decide to go on a tour, then expect that the price will depend on its duration. This means that:

  • A 60-minute ride will cost from $ 30 per person, with additional factors being drinks or snacks.
  • A 90-minute ride on a friendly boat will cost from $ 45 and also increases depending on additional offers.
  • A 2-hour private boat ride will cost from $ 55.

Most companies give the possibility of pre-booking. With this you can not only make sure that your plans do not fail, but also in advance to check prices, offers of specific carriers. This will help you plan your time and resources in advance.

If you plan to go on sightseeing tours with children, you should indicate this fact when booking. Usually tickets for children will cost 30 percent cheaper.

 Boats and yacht for fishing

If you decide to enjoy fishing, you should first decide whether you need a professional team, how many people will go fishing with you and which boat is needed for this. Using this information, you should contact companies that offer specialized fishing boats in advance and book a suitable option. Be prepared that some of the offers are strictly limited (often 4-hour fishing), and that companies set a minimum time for renting boats.

Prices for fishing per person in company:

  • A 4-hour fishing trip will cost $ 45
  • A 5-hour fishing trip will cost $ 60
  • A 6-hour fishing trip will cost $ 70

It is worth paying attention to whether the company offers free services, like equipment or barbecue.


Yacht charter and rental

If you plan to rent a yacht for your own use its price often depends on the size. However, if you need help from the captain or other employees, they will need to be paid extra per hour. Although companies offer a range of free services, you will also have to pay extra for all overtime services. For example, for organizing celebrations, inventing and implementing an entertainment program. A wide range of rental options are offered by Charterclick. For instance, you can hire one of their exquisite yachts for a romantic dinner, a party with friends, or a corporate event.

In general, the price for renting a yacht for 1 hour in the calculation will reach:

  • $ 140 for a 42 Ft yacht (can accommodate up to 10 guests)
  • $ 150 for a 45 Ft yacht (can accommodate up to 10 guests)
  • $ 170 for a 52 Ft yacht (can accommodate up to 12 guests)
  • $ 192 for a 56 Ft yacht (can accommodate up to 25 guests)
  • $ 205 for a 62 Ft yacht (can accommodate up to 25 guests)
  • $ 245 for a 65 Ft yacht (can accommodate up to 30 guests)
  • $ 385 for a 77 Ft yacht (can accommodate up to 40 guests)
  • $ 385 for an 85 Ft yacht (can accommodate up to 44 guests)


There are plenty of opportunities to rent a boat in Dubai, for any taste and budget. Depending on the specific requests and preferences, one can go either with an economical version or for an exquisite boat tour.

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