Top Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) Software To Check Out In 2022

Asset management turns out to be a vital and intensive task that a business has to take care of. Proper management of assets can help a company stay on the path of development. However, while it is quite a heavy task, thanks to technology, asset management has now become easier and much more efficient.

With major business tools coming up to help ease business activities, asset management, too, has been touched upon. One such convenient asset management business tool is the enterprise asset management software or EAM Software. In this article, we will understand what an enterprise asset management software is and also dive into the top ones for 2022. Let us get started!

What is meant by Enterprise Asset Management Software?

An enterprise asset management software is specifically a business tool or software that helps a company manage its assets. The software uses high-end technology to strategize the seamless management of assets, including tracking performance, supervising usage, and regulating maintenance costs.

For asset-based industries, such as manufacturing, utilities, energy, construction, and so on, enterprise asset management software turns out to be the perfect business aid that can help concise all business activities, all through one source. This robust software does not only help with regulatory measures but also provides analytical insight that companies can use when it comes to obtaining the most out of their assets.

Therefore, to sum it up, an Enterprise Asset Management Software can help you when it comes to the following facilities:

  • Tracking and controlling assets
  • Scheduling asset inventory
  • Maintenance regulations as preventative measures
  • Management and analysis of workflow and work order
  • Analytical insights for ensuring asset management
  • Planning and regulation of asset lifecycle
  • Predictive tools to determine the future of assets

Things to look out for before purchasing EAM Software

So, as you read above, enterprise asset management software is a worthwhile investment for all asset-based companies. Relying on this software can help you optimize your asset usage and management, letting you skyrocket your profits in the long run.

However, there are a few things that you must consider while purchasing an enterprise asset management software. Let us take a quick look at these factors.

Integration capabilities

An enterprise asset management software solely cannot help you optimize your business or your assets. In other words, your EAM Software will be required to seamlessly operate alongside other business tools and software already existing in your businesses.

For example, it would need to collaborate with ERP systems, accounting management software, asset-specific management software, IoT software, and so on. Therefore, it’s advised to go for an enterprise asset management software that has good integration capabilities.

Range of features

Enterprise asset management software entails a vast range of features, but one must ensure that these features are something that you would need. There is no point in paying money for features that you would not use. At the same time, do not forget about the basic functions and features.

Employee adaptability

Purchasing software that would need additional training initiatives just for operating is not desirable. Check for free trials in order to get the feel and actual in-hand use of the software before making a decision.

Best Enterprise Asset Management Software to check out in 2022

Let us now take a detailed look at some of the best enterprise asset management software out there right now.


When it comes to securing the best asset management experience, nothing can match UpKeep and its highly effective functions and features. Best for day-to-day activities for asset management and finance, UpKeep is perfect for a versatile workforce.


  • Centralized work area for better management, quick response, and high-end efficiency
  • Offers sensors for remote conditioning monitoring
  • Provides business insight for optimum asset management
  • Tracking and performance measuring metrics


This cloud-based software pulls off all digital means to give their clients the best asset management experience. Perfect for companies that deal with service-oriented tasks and manufacturing and delivering of goods, IFS thrives on serving their clients at every step of the process.


  • Centralized platform for the overall management
  • Industry-specific customization

IBM Maximo

This software suite brings you to a new era of asset management through its smart technology and features. It merges asset performance management along with a robust cloud-based suite to give you the ultimate asset management ability.


  • Analytical AI that is industry-specific
  • Greater integration capabilities for high-end results
  • Offers real-time data on assets over multiple locations

MVP Plant

Lastly, an award-winning software, MVP Plant, has the motto of working smarter and faster. With the latest technology aid, this software is perfect for asset management and everything, making it the ideal CMMS out there.


  • User-friendly
  • Work-flow management
  • Paperless task order arrangement with online and offline features
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