Best Slavic Countries for Marriage Where to Find a Wife

Loneliness is something that people encounter for any given reason. We all want love in our lives, and we all want to have a loving partner by our side, so where can you find one? Well, there’s one such thing as mail order brides, you can find them all over the world, in lots of Slavic and Asian countries. Even if you are not looking for a mail-order bride, there are lots of countries where you can find a wife just by traveling and seeing places. Attending public events, visiting pubs, bars, nightclubs, etc. So, let’s not waste any more time and start our list of the best Slavic countries when it comes to finding a wife for marriage.


Here’s the first country we would like to bring to your attention when it comes to slavic women dating. In Bulgaria, there are lots of ordinary women who are not afraid of housework and know how to take care of a man. At the same time, you can meet them in bars and cafes – it is enough to treat the girl you like with respect and tell that you have come from afar and for the sake of a serious relationship, and not for sex for one night.

Another way to find a bride is to make friends with local men and tell them about the purpose of your visit. New friends will introduce you to their single girlfriends if you’re willing to pay for them at a bar.

Be prepared for the fact that a wedding in Bulgaria is a big event lasting several days, which attracts all relatives, including all the cousins, grand-nephews. The average budget for such an event is $5,000, but it will partially pay off through gifts from relatives.


Georgia is a country of contrasts. It is unlikely that you will meet a girl here who will immediately agree to talk and look a stranger in the eye without hesitation. Georgian women are brought up in a completely different way – they are incredibly modest! But, having won the trust of a Georgian beauty, you will be surprised how kind and benevolent these people are! Family and husband for Georgian women are the main values in their lives!


Russia is the nation with the most stunning women per square kilometer. If you happen to be just riding the subway in Moscow without going deep into the wilds of Siberia, you are guaranteed to find a girl there from whom it is impossible to take your eyes off. By the way, supermodel Irina Shayk was born in Siberia, and whether we like it or not, Russia has some of the most beautiful women you could ever find.


If you talk to gentlemen who prefer blue-eyed blondes, then, most likely, you would expect them to tell you about the beautiful women of Sweden. But the most experienced of gentlemen know the truth, the most stunning blondes can actually be found in Slovakia. Countless women around the world spend small fortunes every day on what the girls in Slovakia have been born with. And it doesn’t take long for them to get attention from the opposite sex.


If you are a bachelor, you are always welcome in Ukraine – the country of fantastically beautiful women. The country is safe enough for travel, despite the latest political events. There are fewer men here than women, so it will not be difficult for you to find yourself a partner for life. Everyone knows that the most beautiful and economically-friendly women live in Ukraine! We completely agree with this statement and invite everyone to see the fantastic beauty of Ukrainian women!

Of course, many may question this rating, because everyone has their own tastes and views on the beauty of women. We should emphasize this again, every woman is beautiful in her own way! The main thing for a man is to see something special in a woman they choose!

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