It is ethical to buy plays on Spotify?

There is one thing that unites all of Spotify musicians, but I will not reveal what it is right away. Maybe you want to guess? To think a little? It is related to their career, and something they do or don’t possess. No ideas? The right answer is a desperate need to buy plays on Spotify. Maybe it does not seem that obvious when there are far too many variables to consider, when we are talking about becoming popular on Spotify.

In this article I want to focus not on plays but on the process of buying plays and the ethical part of it. But first – plays. For those who don’t know, there are quite a few parameters that determine the popularity of a musician. You can check some of them yourself in your statistics. And in the long list of parameters, plays are usually the most important ones. The logic is simple – the ore plays your music gets – the more popular you are. And there is no point in arguing with that logic, because it works. However, even when musicians are really in need for new plays, they are hesitating because of the ethical factor, fairness, and all that.

So, how fair and ethical can buying plays be? If we are talking about buying plays to win – completely unethical. However, if we add that the majority of musicians of Spotify are buying plays already, then the answer is not that simple. Personally, I consider buying plays fair, because it evens you with major players and gives equal opportunities for growth. Let me explain.

If one player buys plays and the other – doesn’t, then there are two options to make it fair: either the first one stops buying plays, or the second one starts. There are no more options, as you can see. And if you add that more than three quarters of musicians are buying plays, it becomes impossible to stop them. The old rule still stands – if you can’t beat something – join it. So by buying plays you will not be the last one, you’ll be closer to the first leading ones. And it will give your music more chances to win peoples hearts, and that’s what we are after – winning people’s hearts.

if everyone does it, then it is fair for you to do it. And that’s the logic you should follow. It may be pricey, it may be hard to accept, but it is the reality of modern days. Modern musicians are far more algorithm-dependent than they were ten years ago. Now the system will decide whether to show your music or to hide it. And if the algorithm ignores you, the only option left is to show yourself by getting more plays. Then it will see you, and the growth will be more organic. As you can see, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Everyone is just making a face of a decent person, but in reality each and every musician out there buys plays on Spotify. Mark my word!

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