All You Need to Know About Universal Power Supplies: Advantages, Features, Uses

The universal power supply is utilized across a wide range of industrial control applications. The applications can include communication networks, sensors and other electrical systems. One of the main purposes of a universal power supply is to help convert power delivered to its input by the sinusoidally alternating mains electricity supply into the power available at its output. 

Let’s take a look brief look at universal power supply across industrial and commercial setups. 

  • Universal Power Supply in an Industrial Setup

Universal power supplies in industries are typically single, and 3-phase power supplies, where the input voltage ranges from 100-500VAC and the output voltage can be anything between 5VDC, 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC. They are designed for providing the required DC voltage required for running electrical pieces of equipment. Applications can range from running simple machine controls to complex systems that require status contacts and battery backup options. 

  • Universal Power Supply in a Commercial Setup 

In comparison to a universal power supply used in industrial settings, commercial setups use single-phase power supplies with input voltage ranging between 100-240VAC, where the output voltage can range from 12VDC to 24VDC. They are also designed for supplying the required DC voltage for running electrical equipment. Certain general use power supplies come with switch-mode technology, which allows for a constant output current with regulation below 3%. 

Now that we have had a brief look at the applications of universal power supply across industrial and commercial setups, here’s a look at the features across categories:  

  • Modular and optimum power supply single-phase networks ranging from 100-240 V
  • The output voltage can range between 5, 12, 24 and 48V
  • The highly compact size makes them easier to deploy
  • Has a wide-ranging voltage range 
  • It can be fixed using a screw via an omega rail
  • Universal power supplies for single and 3 Phase networks between 100-500 
  • Comes with an integrated energy reserve
  • Can be fixed on omega rails
  • Offers advanced diagnostics using LED and relay contact 
  • Comes with an integrated anti-harmonics filter

Common Applications of General-Purpose Power Supply

  • They are widely used in industry and building applications like for simple machines, conveying, processing, etc.
  • Widely used in the automobile sector
  • Used for tertiary purposes such as garage doors. 

Advantages of Deploying Universal Power Supply

  • Since universal power supply utilizes DC current instead of the traditional AC current that powers residential establishments. The benefits are directly related to the benefits that a DC power supply is known to offer:
  • As the universal power supply is based on DC technology, it offers higher efficiency, reliability along with improved quality in power. 
  • The cost of installation is also low as there are fewer power conversion stages.
  • It’s easier to make the switch to renewable sources of power and integrate energy storage systems 
  • Provides a safe operational environment for personnel. 

Universal power supplies are the driving force for big industries requiring a high volume of power. Their compact size and the ability to be fixed via screws or omega rail make them easy to deploy across any industrial or commercial setting. Partnering with a reputed electrical company can help you quickly set up a universal power supply in a cost-effective and efficient manner as per your power requirement. If your general-purpose power supply is not up to the mark, it’s high time to choose one that can keep your business up and running with power that doesn’t fade.

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