Dogebonk Hunts Shiba Inu – Launching HUH Token

Dogebonk (DOBO) has increased in value in less than a month as the biggest crypto-canine currencies competition. Its burgeoning popularity is being fostered by a grassroots advertising effort that promotes it as a challenger to the Shiba Inu mania. Within a few weeks of the coin’s creation, the creators had spent tens of thousands of dollars promoting their anti-Shiba Inu campaign on billboards in New York, London, Sydney, and Brisbane.

The members of the Dogebonk organisation, called the BonkSquad, have their sights set squarely on the Shib Army. Dogebonk has been audited by both Certik and Solidity Finance, giving weight to its authenticity. The marketing director of Dogebonk dubbed the month-old cryptocurrency an anti-meme coin, which is ironic considering that it seems to be fuelling its goal via social dissemination.

It does this by generating an environment of excitement or hype, which then drives up prices. Other new cryptocurrencies, such as HUH Token, adopt a more pragmatic approach. The co-founder of BitMex, one of the world’s major cryptocurrency exchanges and derivative trading platforms, Arthur Hayes, has shown interest in Shiba Inu’s cryptocurrency competitor.

Meanwhile, the war between Dogecoin and Shiba Inu continues unabated, with Shib falling to third place in terms of market value, while Dogecoin has reclaimed a slot in the top 10 cryptocurrencies. The Ship Army often claims that it’s Shiba Inu currency will one day be worth a dollar. To attain this target, Shiba Inu’s market capitalisation would have to expand fortyfold, which was not improbable six months ago, but today?

Shiba Inu would need sufficient funds to increase its market value to that of Ethereum, which is very unlikely given the cryptocurrency’s lack of practical function. Even if enough currency is temporarily invested in the project to raise its market value over its present level, it will remain an unviable platform or utility technology of any type. As a result, many cryptocurrency observers believe Shiba Inu’s fast growth era is coming to an end.

It has been proposed that tripling the value of Shiba Inu from its current level will necessitate cryptocurrency users diverting cash away from much more successful and frequently utilised ventures currently in existence like Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH). This is just unthinkable, regardless of how volatile cryptocurrencies may be.

One may argue that it is just a repository of money, but the king of them all, Bitcoin, and, more lately, OlympusDAO, are already well established, and nothing like a Shiba could ever come near that kind of price floor.

Rather than attempting to remove memes, absorption is a more successful strategy. The HUH Token is a self-described “Utimeme” that seeks to use the enormous power of social influence via the use of NFT platforms and a powerful, smart contract. It includes a novel smart chain-based recommendation engine in addition to a social component.

This allows the purchaser of the HUH Token to recommend an infinite number of people who do not yet own the HUH Token using a code generated at the time of purchase. This referral programme pays the referrer 10% of the first purchase made by the new HUH Token holder. This 10% is allocated as a different cryptocurrency, which depends on the exchange used.

This is essential because it allows currency holders to make additional money while also diversifying their wallet holdings across many cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the HUH Token value increases with time in the wallet, implying that the more tokens you keep, the more tokens you acquire. In terms of cryptocurrency stability and security, the HUH Token

has been audited by Shellbox, Solidity Finance and Certik. The HUH Token white paper was issued recently, and it outlines the brands’ goals and operations. The HUH Token has witnessed an extraordinary quantity of volume since Monday the 6th of December. This might be the cryptomarket system’s next functional and popular meme currency.


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