Irresponsible Floki Inu Ads Put To Shame By Responsible Crypto HUH Token’s Vesting Plans

Floki Inu has been slammed for launching an aggressive marketing campaign across London in October/November. The cryptocurrency campaign lasted around 3 weeks in October and is now being investigated by the Advertising Standards Authority. The ad campaign encourages the general public to participate in the cryptocurrency frenzy, urging people to invest in Floki Inu if they missed out on other famous cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin.

The poster states, “Missed Doge? Get Floki and shows the currency’s cartoon dog logo. Meme coins, like Floki Inu, are swiftly developed with branding that responds to contemporary cultural trends.

Advertising on transport was an irresponsible move by Floki Inu as they are exposing younger audiences to cryptocurrency. It is crucial that cryptocurrencies operate in a responsible and appropriate manner. Protecting the people is an important ethos and one that HUH Token appears to take quite seriously. Their first act of generosity occurred when the crypto planted 1 million trees as they partnered up with Eden Reforestation Projects. They have also announced that presale investors will receive their HUH tokens through an initial vesting period of 6 weeks. The vesting period starts on December 6th 2021 6PM to January 17th 2021 for presale investors.

What Is Vesting?

Vesting is similar in crypto, albeit it is done more generally. Vesting is the process of locking and unlocking tokens after a set amount of time has passed. Team members, consultants, partners, and others who participated in the project’s development and investors who acquired tokens before they went on general sale, are usually entitled to vested tokens. As the project advances, tokens are frequently issued progressively during the vesting term, perhaps once a month, once a week, or even daily.

Like in traditional finance, vesting is frequently employed in the crypto sector to secure team members’ long-term commitment to a project. It guarantees that a team has a financial incentive to continue developing the project, which gives potential investors confidence in the business.

Why Is It A Good Thing?

For the foreseeable future, vesting is expected to be a fundamental component of most cryptocurrency launches. It provides crucial security for a token’s value in a highly turbulent market. Because of the reliability it provides, crypto creators may devote more effort to developing systems that provide the token real-world applications. Consequently, vesting benefits both the creators and the investors.

HUH Token’s Vesting Schedule

Presale investors will receive their HUH tokens through an initial vesting period of 6 weeks. The vesting period starts on December 6th 2021, from 6 PM to January 17th 2021, for presale investors. Presale participants will receive ten times more tokens. The HUH Token website has stated the following:

“These resolutions are there as an important mechanism to promote joy and help community members to avoid unhealthy fear levels and at the same time strengthens the long-term vision with a plethora of technologies mastered at HUH disposal.”

While there may be some backlash from the presale, the decision to implement a vesting schedule is in the best interest of the HUH Nation. The next few weeks are likely to be very interesting for HUH Token, considering the level of fear-mongering that is currently being spread around the crypto sphere. However, they do say this is the best time to buy when the market is in a dip, HUH Token may have just launched at the very best time possible.

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